Paesani, Arts Council Donate 'Community' Painting to Library

Luciano Paesani and Isabel Donadio, Miss Teen California Latina, pose with Menifee children under the painting "Community" at the Sun City Library"
Members of Arts Council Menifee, Mayor Scott Mann and children from the community gathered Tuesday afternoon for the presentation by local artist Luciano Paesani and Arts Council Menifee to the Sun City Library of his painting "Community."

Luciano Paesani watches Menifee Mayor Scott Mann
start a new painting
The painting, which represents the work of both adults and children in the community, was begun last May when Paesani set up a blank canvas during the Arts Showcase in the Countryside Marketplace. Children were urged to paint designs on the canvas, which soon turned into a collaboration of many people in the community. Paesani put the finishing touches on the painting, called it "Community" and allowed it to be displayed throughout the Menifee area in the last few months.

On Tuesday, the painting received a permanent home on a wall of the children's section of the library, with a plaque explaining its significance. Mann and Joshua Fox, manager of the library, unveiled the painting before a group of children and members of Arts Council Menifee.

Youngsters enjoy their turn at adding
something to the canvas.
Afterward, the youngsters began work on a new group project, painting on another blank canvas after enjoying cookies and punch.

Paesani's project is one of many local endeavors supported by Arts Council Menifee. For more information on this group, visit its website,

"Community" is truly a community effort -- the combined works of many Menifee residents.


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