Menifee City Attorney Joseph Fletcher Submits Resignation

Menifee Mayor Scott Mann has accepted the resignation of city attorney Joseph Fletcher, city officials announced Monday in a news release.

The resignation of Fletcher, effective Dec. 12, is the second departure of a city staff member since the election of new council members Nov. 6. City manager Bill Rawlings and the city parted ways Nov. 20, before the new council members were seated.

"The entire council was clear in its conclusion that irrespective of the high quality of my professional reputation and track record of valuable performance over the past year, it desires that it be free to select a new city attorney to serve this city council," Fletcher stated in a letter to Mann.

Fletcher had served the city in that capacity for about a year. He worked on a contract basis as a general counsel.

An agenda item on a special city council meeting Wednesday at 5 p.m. calls for a closed session to address the hiring of an interim city attorney. The proposed agreement, according to the agenda, is with Julie Biggs of Aleshire & Wynder to act as interim city attorney.

"Mr. Fletcher has done good work for the City of Menifee and we wish him well," Mann said in the news release. "As we look to Menifee's future, it's important that we put together the right team of people that will work with this city council to meet our goals of building a safe, financially solid, community-oriented city."


  1. given the make-up of this council it's not surprising he is leaving.


  2. Although Mann did not vote because he received campaign contributions from Julie Biggs, he still selected her and no other candidates were interviewed. Obviously he lined up his votes before the meeting took place. True ethical practices would have meant he had no involvement or influence in the decision.

    The actions of this new mayor seem to emulate a Presidential Cabinet change rather than good business practices for a small city. What is the cost for these changes and the impact to our city's budget?