An Open Letter from Menifee Mayor John Denver

The following is an open letter to the residents of Menifee from John Denver, who has served the cit...

The following is an open letter to the residents of Menifee from John Denver, who has served the city as mayor for the last year and has two years remaining on his City Council term. This letter has been edited only for space concerns.

What is leadership? In this election year, this question is an important one for all of us to answer. It is especially important for the future of Menifee. Now I know that we can all go to the dictionary and look up the standard definition, but what do you want in a leader for Menifee? I thought I would take a minute and tell you what I am looking for.

In picking a leader, I want a person with a heart for Menifee. A lot of people say they love Menifee, but I am looking for someone that has shown a passion for Menifee. I ask candidates what they have already done to serve the people of our City rather than relying on campaign promises of what they want do. I believe that the best indicator of future action is the quality of a person’s past actions. Look at each candidate’s work history and their volunteer history and weigh that against their promises. Does it look like they can deliver based on what they’ve already accomplished? Have they already made a difference in Menifee?

I also want a person with integrity. Again, a lot of people say they are principled leaders but if you look closely, the facts just do not support their claim. There has been some slanderous and untrue information spread around this community about several candidates for office. It’s pretty easy to determine which political camps that information came from. Oh, I am sure that the favored candidates will tell you they had nothing to do with it, but they have also failed to denounce it as false or to tell their supporters to stop. This is a perfect example of unprincipled leadership. Look for someone who has consistently kept their word to the citizens of this City. Pick those who have refused to bend to political pressure and who did the right thing, no matter how seemingly unpopular.

Finally, I am looking for an honest person. They say politics is a dirty business, and it certainly can be. But still, some politicians present well. They list their accomplishments, their degrees, and their experience. But for many of them it’s a game, it’s about the deal, not the people they represent. They pedal influence, broker power, and scheme behind the scenes. They take advantage of the fact that most people don’t remember the past and only make decisions on sound bites and catchy phrases.

Don’t be fooled by long political careers, or election to several political offices. All that proves is that they know how to get elected. Look beyond the superficial to their character. Have they kept their word? Have they consistently told you the truth, even if it isn’t what you want to hear? Many say that honest politicians are hard to find. So, I say don’t elect a politician. A true citi