Menifee Citizen Dora Unger Celebrates Her 100th Birthday

Menifee citizen Dora Unger accomplished an impressive feat earlier this month: She celebrated her 1...

Menifee citizen Dora Unger accomplished an impressive feat earlier this month: She celebrated her 100th birthday.

Born in Albuquerque, New Mexico on Oct. 1, 1912, Dora joined her parents and 11 siblings in having strong ties to the surrounding communities. Realizing the importance of staying involved, Dora makes it a habit even today to stay engrossed in her community, which is why she tries to attend the local bingo group at Sun City Concern as often as possible.

Dora believes that engaging in some type of social activity and taking care of oneself is the key to living a long, healthy life.

“She really takes care of herself,” explained Carol Culhane, Dora’s caretaker. “She gets up in the morning and showers, gets dressed, puts on makeup, makes her own coffee and breakfast, and cleans up the kitchen. She runs the house and is very much in charge of her life.”

Dora’s family and friends came from far and wide to join in celebrating the 100-year mark and helped make her birthday party one of many to remember. Dora’s three children and seven grandchildren traveled in from all over the country to ensure that they were a part of this special moment in her life.

“She got to dance with all her grandchildren, and everyone was crying,” shared Dora’s granddaughter, Elizabeth Senne. “It was the true highlight.”

Dora has noted that “everything has changed” throughout her lifetime, but she has just grown alongside these changes.

“Her outlook is to really not worry about anything,” Culhane admits.

Dora disclosed her big secret on making it to 100.

“Keep working hard and keep your mind going,” she said. “And that’s about it.”


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  1. Thank you for the article regarding the recent birthday party at the Menifee Sun City Concern. Dora is s regular at the Wednesday afternoon Bingo Game and does enjoy herself. We generally have between 40 to 55 seniors who play regularly and love to be able to help them celebrate birthdays, holidays and sometimes just to make the day special for all concerned. We also have Bingo on Friday nights 5 - 9, come and join us on either or both days. We would love to see you! Menifee Sun City Concern is growing leaps and bounds. Thank you for your article. Red Sullivan



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