Menifee Birthday Bash Brings Community Together

Residents of Menifee and surrounding areas gathered Saturday to celebrate the fourth anniversary of...

Residents of Menifee and surrounding areas gathered Saturday to celebrate the fourth anniversary of the city's incorporation. The Menifee Birthday Bash included the Menifee Motor Madness car show, Taste of Menifee event, kids fun zone, live bands and the Gale Webb Extreme Sports Show.

Here's a look at some of the things that took place in the parking lot at Mt. San Jacinto College:


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  1. Dear Menifee 24/7,

    During this campaign season, I have tended to dismiss a perceived bias by your reporting. Generally, your coverage has been equal to all.

    However, this article goes the other way. Out of the hundreds upon hundreds of vendor booths at the Menifee Birthday Bash, you choose to include two pictorials that highlight candidates Kuenzi and Zimmerman.

    Congratulations! With this posting, you have just further solidified the opinions of many people who read your blog newspaper and consider it to be biased.

    You should have left politics out of your coverage.


    Scott Mann
    Candidate for Mayor
    and Birthday Bash Booth Vendor

    1. The old I don't care who gets noticed,as-long as its me?

    2. Mr. Mann do you really believe your peevish posting over such a minor issue will encourage anyone to vote for you? Where was your public outrage over the smear flyer distributed against your opponent?

  2. Doug, Was the pictures of Darcy and Bill paid for? Or are we in to favoritism again?

  3. Lots of sour grapes here.

  4. Mr, Mann,
    I was not sure who I was going to vote for in the Mayor contest. After reading your comments here on this website, you just helped me narrow down my choices and you are not one. If your are bitter over a couple of pictures of Mrs Kuenzi and Mr. Zimmerman, the maybe your not the right person to represent our city as mayor. Mr. have lost my vote today!

    1. He lost my vote when he ran for school board (less that a year ago)and promised he wouldn't run for another office.
      I wonder how much it would cost the Menifee School District to replace his abandoned seat?

    2. If this is what you are using to decide who to vote for, then don't vote. You are obviously not qualified to.

  5. When it comes to free advertisting everyone knows that you MUST include everyone. This was either paid for by the candidates, or the mention of bias is actually true!

  6. Mr. Mann left early to go to a fundraiser for himself, perhaps he was already gone when the pics were taken.

  7. Mr. Mann

    If you are so jaded with Menifee 24/7's supposed political bias, then why are your ads all over their website?

  8. Scott, to be fair, Menife 24/7 is known for this style of "reporting". I guess you should feel lucky they didn't include the 3rd one of this little party, Kristjansson.

    Agreed Scott, Menifee 24/7 will always provide more pictures and print on these 3, Kuenzi, Zimmerman and Kristjansson. Oh wait, I guess we can't forget Denver.

    For those who always agree with Menifee 24/7's political slant, they will never notice the bias.

  9. Dear Editor of 24/7,
    You can make some of the people happy some of the time.... You are the Editor and can make the decision of what to post. I enjoy this publication it is always positive and informative. It's too bad that this wonderful event and its photos are being clouded with petty politics.

  10. Very simple solution. Never include pictures of candidates during an election year unless you have a picture of each and EVERYONE of them in their respective booth's w