Seniors Corner: Sun City Residents Deserve Respect

By "Uncle Chuck" Reutter Bette Davis once quipped, "Getting old ain't for sissi...

By "Uncle Chuck" Reutter

Bette Davis once quipped, "Getting old ain't for sissies"!

No kidding. And the seniors of Sun City are anything but sissies. They demand life, liberty and the pursuit of happiness. This is why they are a formidable foe to those who assume they're pushovers.

Sun City is unified by the 55+ age restriction only. They're diverse in religion, political affiliation and cultural background. But they are united in wanting public safety, safer roads, reduction in traffic, better markets, better restaurants and places of activity.

They'd like the flood areas on Bradley Road and Murrieta Road repaired. During the rainy season, they get trapped. Bike lanes are already set aside for the bike riders, so why not a golf cart lane from here to the Countryside Marketplace?

Many folks rely solely on a golf cart for transportation. Why neglect them? They are weary of fighting traffic and wasting gas to see a movie, dine in a fine restaurant, attend a concert or go bowling in Temecula or Murrieta.

These are the amenities Sun City and Menifee should offer to all its citizens. It makes economic sense as well. What's spent here stays here. Most of all, the citizens of Sun City demand respect.

Editor's note: Chuck Reutter, a longtime resident of the Sun City area of Menifee, will share his thoughts on the senior scene here monthly.


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  1. Uncle Chuck, First of all the word "Demand" sets folks off...demand..its better to use the word 'ask', never demand!You use the word bez your speaking for the seniors, and bez we're old we now can demand, and act rude and think you can get away with that kind of talk, bez you are old now, and manners have gone out the window! Just bez we're old doesn't give anyone to right to act nasty! For this very reason we end up with a bad reputation bez of words use just like this and being so negative about things going on here in Menifee. Sun City was around since the 60's, Webb built a bowling alley, but none of you went over and played, or if you did not enough of you did. Its now a storage area. You only have yourself to blame. I'm sure the flooding on Bradley and Murrieta was here in the 60's as well, as for gold cart lanes, projection does show more will be built, it takes time. Lets hope your next article is what WEbb actually built for you here, what the City of Menifee is helping you with and will continue to do for us here in Sun City, But the first we need to do, is NOT demand, but ask and ask politely, stop being so negative about all that you see wrong here but what is actually good here, then maybe more of the citizens of Menifee will enjoy being around us seniors from Sun City

  2. This artical is great. The idea of a golf cart access down to Haun Rd is needed very much. Not only for those who relay on golf carts as their only transportation need to get to Countryside Market Place but also to the Doctors office complexes on Haun as well. Many of the doctors that once had their offices in the Core moved down on Haun Rd when the new complex opened and left many seniors to fend for themselves to get to appointments where they could once drive their golf carts to doctor and dental appointments.