Helpful Tips From Menifee’s Cleaning Crew at Oasis Maids

It’s not always easy to keep the house tidy, which is why we hire Oasis Maids to come in and clean ...

It’s not always easy to keep the house tidy, which is why we hire Oasis Maids to come in and clean for us. Oasis offered us some helpful tips for keeping your home, at the very least, presentable in between professional cleanings.

Tip 1: You only have time to clean one thing, literally minutes before unplanned visitors arrive. What will make your house appear the cleanest?

Oasis Maids: Do a light surface dusting of visible shelves, counters, or anything else that is visibly dusty. Dust hard surface floors quickly with a dust mop, then completely vacuum all carpeting if time allows.

Tip 2: If you only have an hour to prepare for guests, what few things you can do to make your home appear clean?

Oasis Maids: Light surface clean where the guests will be the most, perhaps a once over on the guest bathroom counters. You can also put out clean hand towels and scented candles for a fresh and clean feel. Dim lighting throughout the home creates a welcoming atmosphere and fresh cut flowers from your garden are always a nice (quick) touch.

Tip 3: Any ideas for corralling all the clutter that inevitably infiltrates countertop space?

Oasis Maids: Closed filing cabinets or bins would be best recommended to keep dust out and clutter at bay. You can also designate a drawer for loose papers to go until you have the time to file them away.

Tip 4: Sometimes it’s just a matter of organizing our time. Can you suggest a weekly schedule that will help keep the home in order?

Oasis Maids:
Monday- High and low dusting, including floors
Tuesday- Vacuuming and mopping
Wednesday- Surface clean counters
Thursday- Bathrooms
Friday- Laundry day

Tip 5: As the seasons change, what can we do to prepare for the cold?

Oasis Maids: Change out your ceiling vent filters that have been filtering all summer and collecting dust, as the heater will just push the dust back out into the home.

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