Fix Bridge Traffic - Candidate Bill Zimmerman is Confident

The following is a paid political message from Bill Zimmerman for City Council - District 3 Bill ...

The following is a paid political message from Bill Zimmerman for City Council - District 3

Bill Zimmerman and his wife feel the pain of so many Menifee residents.
“My wife and I drive over the bridge each day to drop off and pick up our daughter from school.”

Zimmerman’s campaign signs say “Fix Bridge Traffic”, and Bill is committed to being part of the solution.

“I have been out knocking on doors, and listening to the people. Everyone agrees that something needs to be done, and soon,” he said.

Bill intends to put his 27 years experience in the land planning and civil engineering field to use. He believes that working as a team and staying focused is key to a City Council that is successful with such goals.

Zimmerman currently serves as Chairman of Menifee’s Planning Commission, where he is proud of the way they work together. “We don’t always agree, but we work to build consensus, and do it in a respectful way," he said. "I intend to bring that professional attitude and change the dynamic on our City Council.

“There have been so many distractions. Now is the time to elect team players to our City Council that are focused on bridge widening and improving mobility. I am confident that we can be successful.”

Besides working as a team, Bill says the city can allocate Capital Improvement Funds to begin the environmental process and Right-of-Way Acquisition that is key to clearing the way for needed funding. Builders have been paying development impact fees, and that is where the majority of funds for roadways are derived.

“Menifee leaders who understand the process and work together to accomplish getting our bridges ”fundable” will make it happen sooner,” the candidate said.

For Scott Road, there will be negotiation with the City of Murrieta and with existing landowners for right-of-way.

“Again, it is a matter of putting a City Council in place that understands the process, works together, and stays focused on the goals. I intend to work hard for the people in Menifee,” says Zimmerman.

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