Zimmerman is First Candidate to be Certified for Election

Bill Zimmerman poses with Perris Mayor Daryl Busch at National Night Out in Menifee. Bill Zimmerma...

Bill Zimmerman poses with Perris Mayor Daryl Busch at National Night Out in Menifee.
Bill Zimmerman Friday became the first announced candidate to officially qualify for the ballot in the November Menifee city election. His eligibility was certified by the Riverside County Registrar of Voters office, city officials confirmed.

Zimmerman, currently chairman of the Planning Commission, is running for the city council seat in District 3, representing the southeast portion of Menifee. He was certified as an eligible candidate by submitting an application with at least 20 and no more than 30 signatures from registered voters in his district.

Seven others who have pulled papers to run for either a city council seat or the at-large mayor position have until next Friday, Aug. 10, to submit the required number of signatures and be certified for the election.

Zimmerman said Friday he is on a mission to make Menifee a better place for those who live here. He said he believes the message being sent recently to business owners who might consider relocating here is that Menifee is a hostile environment. Recent turbulence during city council meetings, which has received considerable publicity, can hurt a city's reputation, he said.

"I intend to do a little damage control," he said. "A councilman shouldn't be there trying to win arguments, Instead, he should concentrate on the people's business. We should be working together as a team, and we should also be working with our surrounding cities to collaborate and build amenities together for those who live here."

At Menifee's celebration of National Night Out last weekend at Wheatfield Park, Zimmerman chatted with Daryl Busch, major of Perris, which is celebrating its 100th anniversary this year.

"We should be honoring them and celebrating with them," Zimmerman said.


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  1. He has demonstrated the "Right Stuff" to get the job done.

  2. Finally someone who is running for us and not himself. I noticed he volunteers for a lot of causes in this town. And the thing about working with other cities will be good for us. He should be working on our relationship with Murrieta and the County too. They should help pay to widen Scott Road bridge.

    Good luck Mr. Zimmerman! We need you on the city council.

  3. A man of honor stnading up for business and the home owner. Uninte our city from north to south. We are blessed to have such a wonderful place to live. I know he will work hard to make it the best city we can be.

    Good luck Bill behind you 100%

  4. Bill is a guy that understands Menifee's needs! It's time for Edgerton to release his stranglehold on our city! In his 3 years as mayor, the city could not complete the general plan and Edgerton has consistently voted against initiatives needed to move the city forward following incorporation. During his time as mayor, he refused to move the General Pllan forward. So why would it benefit the city to have him on the council again? It wouldn't! Bill has a consistent track record on the commission of acting in the best interest of the city as a whole. Good luck Bill and you have our vote!

    1. Bill's vision of circulation, circulation, circultion for our traffic woes wins with me. He wants Holland to extend from Briggs Rd. on the east to Lake Elsinore on the west.
      Getting the Holland Rd overpass will accomplish that.
      It would would take a lot of traffic off Scott and Newport Rds. Not only at the overpasses.

  5. Bill has vision and knowledge in leading our city. His balance approach between housing,commercial and open land is beneficial and crucial with the General Plan being adopted next year. He is a fixer not a divider. I would be proud to stand beside Bill Zimmerman as a Menifee city councilman.

  6. We do NOT need any more housing, period. We need good businesses and our roads fixed before any future housing can be even thought of. If this is what he stands for then he will not get my vote.

    1. To Anonymous 2:02PM, The City Council doesn't get to decide WHEN property owners come and pull building permits. The city currently has thousands of homes that are already approved. This happened BEFORE we became a city. Anyone that tells you they can stop homes being built is not truthful and just pandering for your vote.

    2. I understand your concern on more housing, but the truth is that we are stuck with more housing when the developers see fit to start building more homes. The county of riverside not the city council of Menifee made these deals. I don't know the number of tracks that are on the board, but these contracts were done at the county long before we became a city.

  7. Bill would make a great City Councilman! Good Luck, we are rooting for the good guys to win in November!

  8. It is nice to see a friendly person with a good heart running for City Council in Menifee.



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