Whether You're Getting Married or Just Want to Throw a Party, Let The Wedding Ladies Treat You Like Royalty

Once upon a time, there were three mothers with a whole lot of children about to be married. It seem...

Once upon a time, there were three mothers with a whole lot of children about to be married. It seemed that every other month or so, there was a wedding to plan. Decorations were shared and ideas exchanged among these three "wedding ladies."

Then one day, these women had a great idea: Why not join forces? "Let's put our creative plans, our event planning experience and our supplies together, and share them with others," they said.

And thus The Wedding Ladies was born.

Today, nearly 15 years later, The Wedding Ladies is a full-service event planning, catering and hospitality company. Recently relocated to Menifee, The Wedding Ladies (TWL to their friends) are pleased to be a member of the Menifee Valley Chamber of Commerce and to offer their services to the great folks of Southwest Riverside County -- and beyond.

And here's the best news -- The Wedding Ladies provides quality service for any event, not just weddings!

As the years passed, the children of these ladies had children of their own. And thus there was peace and joy throughout the land (when it wasn't feeding time). Soon, the children's children wanted parties of their own. ("Mom, can I have a Hello Kitty birthday party?"). The Wedding Ladies were still wedding ladies, but now they were party animals of every kind.

Celebrating a birthday? TWL is there for you. Want to do something special for mom and dad's anniversary? Call TWL. Planning a company luncheon, picnic or awards banquet? TWL is there for you. You name it, The Wedding Ladies have the ideas, the experience and the supplies. And their list of preferred vendors is virtually endless.

And thus, The Wedding Ladies shouted throughout the land that the holidays are just around the corner. "Book your Halloween party now!" they said. "Make it a TWL Christmas!" they shouted. And then something magical happened. Before all the loyal subjects of the kingdom of Menifee, The Wedding Ladies unveiled the greatest treasure of all:

Behold, the Chocolate Fountain!"

And all the people cheered. Just imagine, delicious melted chocolate, cascading down the majestic tiers of a silver fountain, just waiting for the loyal subjects to dip their favorite treat into the sweet flowing "chocolatefall." Marshmallows, strawberries, pretzels, cookies ... you name it, you dip it.

And then the crowd was hushed as the Back to School Special was announced by the town crier: Right now, you can rent a large (35-inch) chocolate fountain for three hours for just $175, which is half the regular price! Or you can rent a 25-inch fountain for just $80, which is more than a 50 percent savings! TWL also offers discount party packages including rental of tables, chairs, linens and decorations of all kinds. So contact The Wedding Ladi