Menifee 24/7 Adoptable Pet of the Week: Roxy

Today's sweet dog was adopted a while ago from Sun City K9 and is now back, available once again...

Today's sweet dog was adopted a while ago from Sun City K9 and is now back, available once again for adoption. She is already accustomed to being a family house dog and would like to find a forever home as soon as possible.

Adoptable pet of the week, Roxy.

Name: Roxy

Age: 1 year & 7 months

Breed: Lab/ pit bull mix

Gender: Female, spayed

Roxy's Story: Roxy was, and still is, a wonderful family pet. She was adopted as a puppy from Sun City K9 Adoptions by a loving family. Unfortunately she was recently relinquished back to the shelter because her owner was not strong enough to handle Roxy's strength and her new baby.

Adopted when she was small, she has now grown into a full size and very strong dog. So while Roxy does not have behavioral issues, she is simply a big and powerful dog who needs an assertive owner.

Temperament: At almost two years old, she is just growing out of her puppy years and is really turning into an obedient adult dog. She is house trained and also obedience trained. She will sit on command and listens to general cues.

She is not leash trained and pulls when being walked, hence the reason she was brought back. With some authoritative training she can be taught not to pull and can be manageable by anyone, she just needs some guidance to learn.

She is about full size now and is a pretty large dog. She gets along well with other dogs both big and small. Since she lived in a home with children and babies she is well socialized with all ages of people and little ones.

Roxy will be an excellent addition to the right home. Come meet her today!

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