BJ's Restaurant and Brewhouse Opens in Menifee

A large crowd gathers outside the entrance to BJ's Restaurant and Brewery in Countryside Marketp...

A large crowd gathers outside the entrance to BJ's Restaurant and Brewery in Countryside Marketplace Friday.
City officials, Chamber of Commerce members and residents celebrated one of Menifee's most significant business openings in recent years during ribbon cutting ceremonies for BJ's Restaurant and Brewhouse on Friday.

A large crowd gathered outside the front doors of BJ's alongside Haun Road at Countryside Marketplace to celebrate the opening. After the introduction of local dignitaries and BJ's management staff, patrons were allowed inside to tour the restaurant and enjoy the first meals served.

The general public can enjoy BJ's hospitality beginning Monday, when the Grand Opening is scheduled.

"A year ago, I stood on an empty lot here, thinking of the possibilities," said Menifee Economic Development Director Jeff Wyman, who first approached BJ's about coming to the city. "Everyone at the city is very excited about this. The residents have been asking for more nice restaurants, and this is just one of the amenities that have come here.

"The opening of BJ's will have a huge impact on the city and its economy. It has added a lot of jobs and will generate additional sales tax to help improve essential services such as the Sheriffs Department, Fire Department, streets and roads."

Known for its deep dish pizza, "pizzokie" desserts and wide selection of handcrafted beers, BJ's has grown from its original location in Santa Ana in 1978 to a network of restaurants in California, Texas, Colorado, Ohio and Florida. The local BJ's will employ more than 200 workers.

"We had a great pool of interviewees to work with," said Steve Novotny, general manger of BJ's. "Everyone we've hired has been great. They've been working hard and training for almost six weeks."

The BJ's opening is just half of a big week for the Menifee business community and fans of good food. On Monday, Panera Bread will celebrate its grand opening just across the parking lot.

"What this does is show the level of interest there is in our business community," Menifee Mayor John Denver said. "This is further proof we can handle a number of people in our eating establishments. It also shows the quality of restaurants we're attracting."

BJ's Restaurant and Brewery
30208 Haun Road, Menifee

Jeff Wyman, Menifee's economic development director, congratulates BJ's General Manager Steve Novotny and staff.
Patrons get their first look at the inside of the new BJ's Restaurant, which opens to the general public on Monday.


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  1. Getting BJ's and Panera Bread to open at the Marketplace are wonderful accomplishments. Mr. Wyman - please work on getting a Trader Joe's or Henry's out here so that we can shop for healthy food without going all the way to Temecula:-) Also, a Jamba Juice (as well as Baja Fresh) would be an awesome addition!

  2. I vote for a Whole Foods Market. Also more dining options like PF Chang's, Lazy Dog, and Yard House in Temecula.

    1. I second that proposal. Whole Foods Market would be a great addition to our shopping center.

  3. If you build they will come...oops they are already here!

  4. The biggest bang for the buck revenue the city of MENIFEE can get is to pursue a Costco. A Costco would provide HUGE revenue to the city and I personally would never have to drive out of Menifee other than to the car dealers for service and the occasional doctor or other family visits. As far as shopping goes I would pretty much be able to obtain 99% of everything I would ever need.
    I know a Costco was planned a few years ago and then it fizzled out. We were told when we purchased our home that a Costco was going in at the Marketplace.

  5. Almost everything I buy at Costco is grocery.

    Grocery is non-taxable.

  6. True that groceries are non-taxable. However, watch the lines and you'll see that at least 50% of the carts have non-grocery items in them. Of those about a third have large ticket items like televisions, etc. That's huge revenue that probably exceeds what a Best Buy does in a single shopping day.

  7. Let's start building retail shops and restaurants on the OTHER side of the 215.......there is plenty of vacant land from Menifee to Hemet. Then, those of us that live "over here" (Menifee Lakes) wouldn't always have to fight the horrible traffic at Newport and Antelope! Speaking of "horrible traffic" Why can't we get an on/off ramp at La Piedra?

  8. More Bars and Restaurants! Drunks and Fatties...Come on bring some substance here..entertainment,sports facilities, movies, attract music venues, bluegrass, country, jazz. Menifee needs a theme why people come here..but we first must establish what this city is all about other then greedy land developers putting people in office!



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