Local Resident, Businessman John F. Smith Announces Candidacy for Mayor of Menifee

John F. Smith, a five-year resident of Menifee with volunteer experience on several political campai...

John F. Smith, a five-year resident of Menifee with volunteer experience on several political campaigns, has announced his candidacy for the office of mayor of Menifee.

Smith pulled application papers at City Hall earlier this week and is in the process of gathering the required number of signatures to be certified as a candidate for the November municipal election. All prospective candidates must submit completed paperwork by Aug. 10 in order to be certified for the election.

Smith said that as a resident of New Jersey, he worked on presidential, senate and governor election campaigns. He has not previously run for public office.

"I'm not too happy with the direction of things in the city," Smith said. "I'd like to serve the people. I'm not familiar enough with all the current issues to address them specifically, but I have some meetings scheduled and I will be able to speak to that soon."

A project manager for a San Diego-based company, Smith has an office in Perris. He lives with his wife and three children in District 2, the southwest portion of Menifee. That area is represented by Tom Fuhrman, whose council seat is not up for election this year.

"I live in a district that is not open for council election this year, and I'm not trying to unseat Tom Fuhrman," Smith said. "I am very satisfied with the role he has taken in his position."

Smith has previous career experience as a peace officer, volunteer firefighter and a mentor in youth programs. He recently completed his MBA degree in business.

Although he said he is not yet prepared to provide a platform statement, Smith said he is in favor of controlling the business development being discussed and implemented in Menifee.

"Having business here is nice, but one of the issues is that a lot of businesses are fairly new, and to bring other businesses in to compete with them is not necessarily the right thing," he said. "I think it's kind of unfair to Target that we welcomed them to town, then we invited Wal-Mart, one of their major competitors."


Following the initial interview for this story, Smith said he would like to clarify his previous statements concerning Wal-Mart and development in the city.

"I'm definitely for growth and competition," said Smith, 41. "That's what America was built on. I'm very much for a Wal-Mart coming here. My biggest concern is that there seems to be a dividing line between those who believe it will cause traffic and mayhem and those who want to bring businesses like this to our town.

"My platform is that there is a divide on this (city) council. There are two camps. I have no allies with any of that. This is the first time we'll select a mayor at large, so as mayor I could be truly impartial."


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  1. An interesting argument for restricting competition

  2. Mr. Smith, the voters welcomed Wal-Mart. So you are saying the voters are being unfair?

  3. I think your impartiality has been revealed by your earlier comments about Wal-mart.Having no allies in either camp suggests you wouldn't chose sides,would you then abstain from voting on factious issues?

  4. I would not abstain from voting. Since I have no loyalties to either camp my vote will always be in favor of whats best for the city of menifee. Whether or not your elected at-large or by the citizens of your respective district you have an obligation to all of menifee's citizens. We need to prioritize all district issues and work in order of urgency. The only way were going to accomplish the work of the people is to elect an impartial representative.

  5. Your platform is based on the divide in views each faction has on what is best for Menifee.How will your view be superior? With only one vote to cast,how will you accomplish the work of the people? Your statement you are for growth and competition puts you in opposition to one faction.How do you reconcile that?

  6. Doesn't it seem that Mr. Smith's comment of "so as mayor I could be truly impartial." and " my vote will always be in favor of whats best for the city of menifee. Whether or not your elected at-large or by the citizens of your respective district you have an obligation to all of menifee's citizens," he implies that he is the only one that cares about what's best for the city? With no track record locally and no real history on the man, why should we have any faith in him? And how do we know he doesn't have his own hidden agenda? C'mon, Really?

    1. You are absolutely correct, Someone should look into Mr. Smiths background. Think about it, how does someone that is virtually unknown throw his hat into the ring without any knowledge of politics other than volunteering for campaign centers.

  7. There may be a divide on the council but Wal-Mart was voted on by the people. With a really big majority so if he thinks it is an incorrect decision which he said in his original post, is he saying that the majority of the voters are wrong in wanting it here? There's really no way out of these comments, you showed your true colors in your first quote.

    1. Mr Smith was asked to run for election by some concerned citizens. Someone has to do something about a Public Safety issue that continues to be swept under the rug. The Death trap on Holland rd. Many residents were informed that their children would be reassigned to the new school opening this month. Anyone who has traveled on that little stretch of unpaved road is well aware of the inherent dangers, especially during the winter months when it rains. Do we have to wait until a child is killed to act?

  8. 12:37p I agree! What do we really know about Mr.Smith, was he "asked" to run for this position? if so, by whom? There are those
    that do NOT want Scott Mann to win, so more competition the less votes for him, is that the thinking? I've volunteered for several candidates campaign centers but, you don't see me running, nor do I want to run. Mr. Smith works in Perris, lives in Menifee yet no one has heard of him before now, doesn't that seem strange. One would think if you know your going to run for Mayor you'd be seen at least at Council Meetings, or around town volunteering at the Menifee cupboard, or run for school board, this seems to be the route most take her I've noticed. It'll be interesting what we find out in the near future about Mr. Smith.

  9. Did anyone hear Mr Smith state he wasn't knowledgeable of politics? I heard know such thing. I heard that he was an educated man from what is stated above. What level of education do the incumbents possess? Give the guy a break or better yet, vote for the incumbents who have such a wonderful track record or wait a minute, what record, oh I know they are the only elected officials menifee has had since becoming a city. How do you measure success?

    1. A college degree alone is not all that is needed to qualify as an effective leader.The unibomber had a PHD.

    2. A college education is a great start and should be a requirement for anyone pursuing public office.

    3. Common sense and integrity would serve them as well.

  10. i would like to know more about his back ground please



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