Former Menifee Mayor, Current Council Member Wallace Edgerton to Run in Dist. 3

Longtime city councilman and former Menifee Mayor Wallace Edgerton made it official this week, reque...

Longtime city councilman and former Menifee Mayor Wallace Edgerton made it official this week, requesting paperwork to apply for a city council seat in District 3 for the upcoming municipal election.

Edgerton, 78, served 17 years on the Long Beach City Council before moving to Menifee. He received the most votes in the first Menifee city council election in 2008 and was appointed mayor, holding that position for three years. For the last year, he has served as a city council member during John Denver's term as mayor.

Under a new voting system this year, the mayor will be selected as an at-large position by the voters rather than appointed by council members. Edgerton had no comment regarding a rumor he had considered running for mayor in November rather than for the council seat in District 3, where he will oppose planning commissioner Bill Zimmerman.

Edgerton has been outspoken in his opposition to what he considers excessive business and housing development that is being pushed by other council members and some in the community.

"Over the course of my tenure, I was good friends with Fred Twyman," said Edgerton about the former city council member, who died last year. "I became a disciple of his regarding the amount of development we should have. We recognized that many people moved from large cities here to come to a small town. We like it the way it is.

"I don't agree with this push by others to generate more houses, which means more traffic and less security. We need a few amenities, such as a theater, small restaurants and some ballparks for the youth. But I've done a lot of walking and talking to people in town, and I think I'm in sync with what they want. If people wanted to live in a big city, they should've stayed there."


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