Menifee Kids Say the Darndest Things

Give children a pencil, turn them loose with their thoughts, and you're never really sure what you'll get. We knew that going in. ...

Give children a pencil, turn them loose with their thoughts, and you're never really sure what you'll get.

We knew that going in. When the staff of Menifee 24/7 asked for entries in our writing contest, co-sponsored with Arts Council Menifee, we were ready for anything. When one asks children from kindergarten age through eighth grade to write what they like about Menifee, one is bound to get a mixture of youthful insight and unintentional humor.

We got some great entries. Tomorrow at the Menifee City Council meeting, four of those students will honored for outstanding essays or poems:

Abbey D. Chea, K-2 grades age group
Jonathan Hoefler, grades 3-5 age group
Daniel Diaz, grades 6-8 age group
Jemena Nesbitt, special recognition

Congratulations to the honorees. You will see portions of those winning efforts posted here soon. But we can't let this moment go by without sharing excerpts from other entries that made us proud and gave us a chuckle. We like to call them "Menifee kids say the darndest things." Spelling and grammar are printed as they appeared in the original submissions:

Kyle L., grade 2:
Another favorite restraunt of mine is Red Robin.I love their kids cheese pizza and freckled lemonade. You can never forget to order their french fries with ranch dressing.

Ian G., grade 2:
I think that Menifee is really clean except some places in the desert are full of trash.

Austin M., Grade 1:
There is a lake by my house which my family walks around pretty much every day. When you walk by sometimes you can see turtles and you see all of the ducks swimming in the water. It's a nice view of nature.

Vincent M., Grade 2:
Is it true the sky is always blue here in Menifee? The schools are cool and that's a fact, here in Menifee.

David V., Grade 3:
Summer activities are fun to me. I like running in the sprinklers. And I like going in the pool! You can play basketball in Menifee when it is summer time. You just have to get a lot of water.

Roxana H., Grade 3:
What I like about Menifee is having outside adventures. I pretend I'm at the wilderness with my cousin. We use walkie-talk with each other. Good thing we have schools and teachers. If we didn't have teachers, we would be crazy. Well I ment we would not know anything in are brains.

Diana S., Grade 3:
My favorite store is Stater Brothers. I like Stater Brothers because my mom has a card to get a free cookie. One time I had to share my cookie with my aunt.

Aubrey C., Grade 3:
I also love Menifee because you can go outside and have an adventure. I love adventures. My favorite adventure was when I was an evil frog. It's also fun to have an adventure inside. My favorite inside adventure was when I swung on a vine in the forest.

Daisy P., Grade 3:
I love Menifee because it's a peaceful city to live in. On rainy days, I draw pictures and right after the rain I go outside and eat some chocolate.

Maya L., Grade 3:
To begin with, I like the weather here. In winter it's not to cold, and in summer, well, it's hot. Yeah. Let's just say that.

Adaman S., Grade 3:
Sometimes it rains and I like to build forts and eat soup and sometimes it's 100 degrees outside and I like to go swimming. Menifee is a safe place to live and it is close to Old town temecqual.

Jimmy R., Grade 3:
My final reason I like Menifee is because it's always peaceful and never noisy. I don't like noise because I can loose my hearing and can't concentrate on anything and this city is not like that. That's why I like Menifee.

Santa Fe K., Grade 2:
I think Menifee is a supercalifragilisticawesomealidocious city. First of all, I like a place my dad calls "The Menifee Forest." I like it when he takes me there. We climb on rocks, sit on rocks by streams, watch lizards, and things like that. One time, my dad and I were sitting on a rock by a stream, and a hummingbird popped right in front of my face.

Miguel A., Grade 5:
The lakes are not dirty, they're clean and fresh. The grass isn't tall or ugly. For an example, every time I go somewhere I always see the grass cut, watered, and it is nice looking. That's why I like the people who cut the grass, they do a really nice job.

Fernanda V., Grade 5:
It is a very calm and quiet town. I love to see the fireworks on every Menifee's anniversary or each 4th of July.

Daphne G., Grade 5:
The thing I like about Menifee is that every day I wake up and I hear the birds singing in every house.

Madison B., Grade 5:
I like how this place is so comfrotable you can feel free and open. Oh, ya, and the food here is so good, don't get me started on Coco's pies, oh, and the creamy coconut pie, but anyways...

Anthony A., Grade 4:
Menifee's people are kind and polite, let's say you drop a baseball in your neighbors yard, my neighbors will throw it back and not give it to there dog.

Keegan G., Grade 5:
My street always has block parties. They are so fun. The people are great.

Beatrice Q., Grade 4:
One time at my favorite park La Ladera me, my best friend Jessica and one of her friends sold lemonade! Lots of people bought some. We got up to $25 by selling lemonade just 50 cents a glass!

Cody D., Grade 5:
What I like about Menifee is the Rotary Club for three reasons. First, the Rotary Club of Menifee is something that is rooted in helping people all over the world. They go to school and give out free dictionaries. I have one myself. They give out (what I call) small box houses. These provide food and shelter for the poor.

Brennan M., Grade 5:
My favorite things about Menifee is that on the (car) navigation when you have to turn on Menifee Road it says "turn on Me-nifee Road." Whenever I hear that I laugh.

Danielle A., Grade 3:
On weekends, sometimes, my family and I go to Woodbine Park ... The park facilities are basketball court, playground, jogging path, doggie poop bag dispenser to name a few. The doggie poop bag is very useful when I bring my dog, Momo.

Kenneth N., Grade 4:
The Countryside Marketplace has so many things to do and places to shop, so my mom and I can spend all of my dad's money at GameStop.

Morgan B., Grade 3:
Menifee is awesome because it is like a little city and so you seem to notice the busy work people around you and the other people that come home from work and start mowing their lawns or start yelling at their television set when baseball is on.

David R., Grade 5:
And last, but certainly not least, you could stay at home. When you're at home you could order pizza and have a party. Or you could invite some of your friends over and watch a movie in glorious HD without any distractions.

Katelyn B., Grade 5:
I also love Menifee because I see the wonderful horses. Sometimes my family and I feed them hay.

Brittney H., Grade 5:
I love how we can climb the rocks. How birds don't have to worry to fly. And how at night we're able to look at the stars and smile or laugh. You can also go fishing in lakes or ponds.

Kaylee W., Grade 5:
What I like about the water park is that I always see smiles on kids faces when they run through the water. I love to see people always happy in the water.

Anna H., Grade 3:
I love to shop for myself when my mom says yes. If I do well in school and get honor roll I will get a hamster.

Kyle O., Grade 3:
I feel safe in my neighborhood because there is a policeman up my street.

Autumn L., Grade 3:
These are some of the animals, are the bunny, squirels. There are many more but it would take a long time.

Kacie G., Grade 4:
I would like to thank the mayor of Menifee for his great consideration and stepping up to keep Menifee up to its reputation as being one of the best places on earth.

Noah B., Grade 5:
In short, I like Menifee because of the wonderful people and places. If I don't win this contest it's okay because I'm just glad I got to share why I like Menifee.


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