Menifee: Sue Kristjansson Announces Run For City Council

Sue Kristjansson announced this afternoon her candidacy for the District 1 Menifee City Council seat...

Sue Kristjansson announced this afternoon her candidacy for the District 1 Menifee City Council seat.

Kristjansson was appointed to fill the seat of late city councilmember Fred Twyman, whose seat expires at the end of this year.

A resident of Menifee for about 11 years, and a single mother of one, Kristjansson works as a brand and business communications manager at Southern California Gas Company.

"Just as we have a very diverse population, we should also have a very diverse business community, perhaps including some large commercial and/or small industrial and/or manufacturing businesses," she wrote in her application to fill Twyman's seat. In regards to youth she wrote, "There should be more choices for all in terms of recreation, especially for children and teenagers not interested in sports. Movie theaters and bowling alleys would be very welcome."

District 1 includes much of the family communities in the western portion of the city, as well as the Sun City Core.

Kristjansson recently made news announcing she is launching an effort to bring a Boys & Girls Club to Menifee.

"What we have now is organized sports," Kristjansson said. "If kids are not athletic, they are stuck for what to do. We need to pull in different aspects (of youth programs) in our community."

As a businesswoman who holds an undergraduate and graduate degree in business, Kristjansson said she would bring to city council the qualities she has honed in her career.  "I'm a good negotiator", she said after being appointed to city council. "I do it all the time."

At this time no one else in District 1 has officially announced their candidacy. If elected, Kristjansson will serve a four year term. Other candidates running in Menifee include Wallace Edgerton in District 3, and Darcy Kuenzi for Mayor.

"I look forward to continuing to help move Menifee into the right direction", said Kristjansson.


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