Breakfast Club of Menifee Now Serving Lunch

After years of inquiries the Breakfast Club of Menifee gave in to diner requests and now officially ...

After years of inquiries the Breakfast Club of Menifee gave in to diner requests and now officially offers not only awesome breakfast options, but a satisfying lunch menu as well.

As an experienced restaurateur, owner and operator Stu Blaze, has always vowed to do one thing, and to do it well. Although it took a little convincing, he can now proudly claim to do not only one but two things exceptionally well.

Not a day goes by where there is not a consistent demand for Breakfast Club of Menifee’s homey favorites and comfort food classics.

From the moment they open in the morning, until they clear the last table at 2:00 PM, their establishment is constantly bustling with hungry diners excited to experience the tried and true taste of the Breakfast Club.

In creating the lunch menu, Stu went with proven favorites and build-your-own options so that everyone could find something to love and enjoy.

Having cooked for people for many years, Stu says, “I know what people like.” And that’s just what his menu reflects.

He wanted quality options with a broad appeal, without sacrificing the Breakfast Club standard of delicious food.

The options include innovative ideas such as a stuff your own baked potato, offering enough fulfilling toppings to qualify this spud as an entire entrée in itself.

His custom cut French fries are even specially cut in such a way so as to maximize flavor adhesion. Coming all the way from northern California, the Breakfast Club of Menifee’s potatoes are cut especially for their restaurant in a unique crinkle pattern.

These sure to be famous fries can be ordered in a variety of custom flavors, including: sea salt, barbecue, or chili and lime. True to their promise, these specialty fries burst with flavor, and require no ketchup at all to taste their best.

All menu options are made with the same fresh, wholesome ingredients they’ve been cooking with for years.

The build-your-own burger starts with certified Angus beef and can be built up as basic or as crazy as your taste buds can imagine. With topping ranging from cheese and tomato to chili and beyond, your burger is truly your own creation (and meal).

Their favorite menu options include the steak salad with blue cheese dressing that all but shocks your appetite into happy satisfaction. The fresh salmon salad is another favorite that delivers big on taste.