Breakfast Club Of Menifee Serves Happiness Daily

The Breakfast Club of Menifee is one of those places that intrigues you before you even step foot in...

The Breakfast Club of Menifee is one of those places that intrigues you before you even step foot inside. A restaurant by all outward indications, but as is the case with most good things; it’s what on the inside (of those doors) that really counts.

Breakfast club of menifee
What is it that makes this particular club worth your time? Well, quite a few things in fact. For starters, they have made it their mission to ensure every customer feels important while simultaneously enjoying the most important meal of the day, breakfast.

From the very beginning, owner and operator Stu Blaze and his wife Tracy, envisioned a comfortable neighborhood restaurant with cozy booths, a welcoming atmosphere, and simply delicious, quality food.

breakfast club of menifee
breakfast club of menifee
What they conceptualized, and ultimately created, turned out to be all this and much more. Stu and Tracy knew from the start that they wanted to do one thing and they wanted to do it really well. They decided to offer the best breakfast in town all day long.

For three years now, they have been serving up sensational plates of comfort classics to delighted patrons and restaurant regulars every day from 6 until 2.

Upon arrival each table is greeted with warm homemade biscuits and jam to enjoy while determining what to order. Because The Breakfast Club of Menifee is family owned and operated they are able to focus whole-heartedly on more personalized quality of service.

In speaking on their consistently attentive customer service Tracy reveals, “We respond to personal requests. For example we don’t normally offer peanut butter, but a gentleman asked for it once so now we carry peanut butter.”

Stu’s extensive background in restaurants and food service has enabled them to custom create a mouth-watering menu featuring all of their favorite breakfast dishes. Using only the freshest top quality ingredients, the same head chef that’s been cooking since day one, makes nearly everything from scratch.

Even their coffee is made (ground) to order by a specially trained barista. Whether you try their famous Rose-a-rita mocha or prefer your caffeine straight up, their custom blend of beans results in a truly unique cup of coffee.