"Tell Me Dolls" Provide a Safe Haven for Secrets

For Nicole Farrell staying positive and keeping busy is simply every day common practice. She has al...

For Nicole Farrell staying positive and keeping busy is simply every day common practice. She has always been active and incredibly involved with her community.

The month of March has been dedicated to supporting the local non-profit organization, Women Against Child Trafficking, as a whole. In delving into their efforts we find the remarkable individuals that make the operation possible, Nicole Farrell is one such person.

In 2007 Nicole moved to Menifee with her husband, John, to rest and recuperate from a severe back injury. One year later in 2008 life decided to slow her down again with a breast cancer diagnosis and subsequent mastectomy surgery.

It seemed she was regaining some semblance of health until September 2009 when she was diagnosed with a brain tumor needing immediate radiation and surgery. Over the past two years, Nicole has undergone eight serious surgeries.

Despite her experience with multiple health struggles Nicole responds by saying, “I feel so lucky that this is all I have to deal with, the outcome could have been much worse.” Positivity must be her middle name.

tell me dolls
Not one to lay idle, Nicole began looking for productive hobbies to occupy her time during long car rides to San Diego for treatment and while waiting in doctor’s offices for radiation. So, she took up knitting.

She found knitting to be very therapeutic and healing. Her sister sent her a pattern for a knitted doll, and although she had only knit straight stitches so far, she began to figure out the doll.

While researching patterns Nicole came across handmade “tell me dolls” and had the sudden idea to knit them for the local non-profit group, Women Against Child Trafficking, to add to their dignity bags.

As a member of GFWC Menifee Woman's Club Nicole immediately thought to reach out to the President of the organization, Robbie Motter. With the support of her friends and fellow club members from the Woman's Club and Woman Against Child Trafficking, together they were able to set her idea into motion.

“Tell Me Dolls” are soft knitted dolls specifically made with no mouths. The idea is that children and teens dealing with trauma can find comfort in this doll, as well as a safe place to store all their secrets and talk through their ordeal.

Women Against Child Trafficking helps children who are recovering from abduction and abuse and provides them with dignity bags full of personal items, hygiene products, and now, their very own tell me doll.