Nonprofit of the month: Women Against Child Trafficking

For the March nonprofit of the month we are featuring the Women Against Child Trafficking organizati...

For the March nonprofit of the month we are featuring the Women Against Child Trafficking organization. This group is incredibly active in the community and continually working to raise awareness for their under recognized cause.

Their mission is dedicated to the safety and well being of children who have been victims of human trafficking.

women against child trafficking
What is human trafficking? Human trafficking is essentially a modern day form of slavery, in which young teens ages 12 to 15 are being kidnapped and sold.

The hardest part to believe is that these horrific crimes are happening daily right in Riverside County. According to the U.S. Department of Justice an estimated 14,500 to 17,500 people are trafficked each year, with the number continuing to grow.

Human trafficking is a $33 billion-a-year industry, rivaling drug and arms trafficking for the most profitable criminal enterprise.

How did WACT start? Current Program Director, Darlene Tarnoski, learned about human trafficking and subsequently how little help there is for the young victims after they are recovered and immediately got involved.

What WACT does: Women Against Child Trafficking provides many important services with their primary goal being to help youth in crisis, who are ultimately the victims of child trafficking, to recover from their ordeal.

Through donations this non-profit is able to offer weekly support to youth shelters that house the victims after they have been recovered and work to place them in safe and rehabilitating environments.

What else is being done? WACT works with many organizations to raise public awareness and support concerning human trafficking. They also collaborate with the Sheriff’s Department and the FBI providing support and resources, and act as a member on the Riverside County Against Human Trafficking.

The organization voices, “If we can stop the people who are exploiting the children and raise awareness to young teens, we can make a big difference.”

How you can help: Donations are always needed to create Dignity Bags for the victims. Each kit includes clothing, toiletries, bottled water, sustenance, and a “tell-me-doll” for comfort.

The involvement of WACT in national and local networking groups has made people more aware and on the lookout for victims and predators. They have effectively integrated networking into spreading awareness and collecting donations all for the sake of innocent victims.

Women Against Child Trafficking (WACT)
Contact: Darlene Tarnoski, Program Director
Phone: (951) 440-6330


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  1. Women Against Child Trafficking
    What a fabulous RCAHT Meeting today! (Riverside County Against Human Trafficking). Today our guest speaker was an FBI Agent. They let us know the facts/statistics and warning signs we can all look for. Please monitor your child/teens Internet Use and pictures posted. We need your help folks as Child Trafficking is the largest and fastest growing crime. What if your child fell victim to human ...trafficking?... violated, abused, gang-raped, and tortured!
    Right here in Riverside County we currently have over a dozen rescued kids - the youngest is eleven years old! Child trafficking is currently effecting thousands of teens and young children right here in our backyard; do you want to stop the horrible fate that awaits the victims of this injustice? Please join WACT in helping to stop the profiting of selling our nation’s children for sex and other unconscionable purposes. There is big money and power behind this sort of trafficking. It will take community effort and support to put a real stop to this organized crime of profiting from the destruction of innocent children’s lives – we desperately need your donation! Believe it or not, you can make a difference. Please help a child restore their life today. We can't change the fact that they were taken and abused in every way, however we can help them in their recovery and get them back to a healthy life.
    Please visit to learn more about this issue and our cause. Take action now and contact us directly at: 951-440-6330 to make your contribution. You may also donate online.