BJ’s Restaurant Menifee Location Confirmed

Last night’s Planning Commission meeting at City Hall confirmed that, yes indeed, BJ’s Restaurant an...

Last night’s Planning Commission meeting at City Hall confirmed that, yes indeed, BJ’s Restaurant and Brewhouse will soon be added to Menifee’s growing list of family favorite eateries.

Despite the nearly empty council chambers, one Sun City resident in attendance, Grant Yoders, was compelled to offer his two cents urging the commission, “I highly recommend passing the plan with a unanimous vote.”

That’s just what they did. The Tuesday night undisputed approval from the Planning Commission was all that was needed to give BJ’s the final go ahead. Community Development Director Carmen Cave actualized the decision saying, “This is the last stop.”

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Lisa Gordon from the Planning Department gave an informational presentation specifying the final details of the BJ’s Restaurant location.

BJ’s Menifee location will be situated in the Menifee Countryside Marketplace
South of Newport and East of Haun Road. Just off the parking lot traffic circle, next to Payless Shoe Source, lies the vacant graded lot that will soon be home to the chain’s new location.

The outward aesthetics and design features were conceptualized in congruence with the existing Countryside Marketplace look and feel. Everything from the color palette to the agrarian murals is consistent with the current Marketplace appeal.

BJ’s Restaurant and Brewhouse is a chain of family eateries most well known for their deep-dish pizza and pizookies (dessert pizzas made from a selection of cookie dough flavors and topped with ice cream).

What makes BJ’s particularly unique is that since 1996 they have been brewing their own beer in house, they are the only restaurants around that can boast such a feat. Their specially handcrafted beer is available for consumption at each location as well as for take home purchase.

In addition to a full menu offering high-quality food, the BJ's atmosphere strives to offer a welcoming, caring, dependable, high-energy and fun casual restaurant. There mission states, "We never forget that each person has a choice in where to dine and we feel privileged each time you choose BJ’s. We are glad you are here."

Menifee is glad to welcome such an all around quality restaurant to the city, we're glad you are here too.

According to BJ’s Director of Property Development, Joan Leguay, BJ’s is expecting to have their grading permit by the end of the month of March and then they’re ready to start digging.

Leguay expressed BJ’s appreciation for the support from Menifee and the Planning Commission saying, “ We are glad to be here, and excited to get started.”

If all goes as planned the construction should break ground by early April, with an expected grand opening to take place in October 2012. Closer to the open date BJ’s will begin hiring 200 hundred local employees from the surrounding area.

City Planning Commissioner, Bill Zimmerman, concluded the discussion by saying, “We are excited and we welcome you. Now start digging.”

BJ's Restaurant and Brewhouse


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  1. Yes! Now Trader Joe's please. TJ would blow up here!

    1. Yes I totally AGREE...Trader Joes PLEASE

  2. YES! Welcome BJ's!!! I am with the other poster, bring on a Trader Joe's PLEASE!! Would love a Henry's too. How about a Jamba Juice and a Baja Fresh too?? Then I think we're covered on the food front.

  3. What about a movie theater?!?!?

  4. I was just saying today at work Trader would be perfect in Menifee! :D

  5. Yes BJ's will be a great addition. We could also use a couple more choices in fist food outlets like Bakers Burgers and Arbies or Five Guyes.

  6. Another great addition would be if Polly's Pies would finally come to our area. There was talk a few years ago about them building in Sun City next to KFC but then the economy went south. With all the Seniors in our area and the HUDGE interest in Polly's from seniors as well as those of all ages Polly's would be an AWSOME addition anywhere they built in the Menifee - Sun City area.

  7. Next to Payless Shoes? Hmmm.. not sure if I think that is the best place.

  8. Everyone needs to send an email or letter to Trader Joes and Henrys, asking them to locate here in MENIFEE.

  9. Awesome....we are in such need of resturants. Everytime I see a new Del Taco I roll my eyes.

  10. A movie theater would be perfect for menifee!

  11. How about a costoc over here??? That would be awesome! Chilis to!

  12. Yes!!!!!! Just saw the sign up and the building being constructed. Very happy about this! BJ's is a fantastic restaurant!!

  13. I'd like a Mimi's and El Pollo Loco !!

  14. Trader Joes would be a smart business move in menifee.
    A TGI Fridays is next! Or Mimis cafe

  15. Henrys is way better than trader joes, the bj's looks great!

  16. for all you bloggers that are having a love affair with trader joes, re read the statement from Darcy, they have no immediate plans on moving to menifee. What we really need in Menifee is something to do rather than surf on the top of vehicles, we need a movie theatre,and for old foggeys a bowling alley, perhaps this time they will bowl! But,to be a real city we 'need' something to do here, how many times can I visit the little zoo here....



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