Favorite Five: Walk the Dog

The first glimpses of spring have begun popping up everywhere and it suddenly feels acceptable to spend way too much time outside. For dog owners this welcoming weather means many more walks and outdoor play with our four legged friends.

We thought we’d scope out some pup friendly places for you and your canine to enjoy. This week’s favorite five places to walk the dog.

favorite five dog walks

Sunrise Park: Beautiful walking path

Sunrise Park has a beautiful gravel walking path complete with complimentary doggy bags. There is also a large sunken grassy area enclosed by a fence that is fun for leashed pets.

Perks: Doggy bag dispensers, manicured path

Location: Heritage Park Drive & Lindenberger Road
Contact: Valley Wide (951) 672-6744
Hours of Operation: 6:00am to 10:00pm
Website Link

E.L. Pete Peterson Dog Park: Big and little dog play areas

Nobody likes it when their little pup gets bullied. This dog park is especially cool because there are separate fenced off areas, one for little dogs and one for bigger dogs. So dogs of all sizes can play off leash in peace.

Perks: Off leash ok, doggy bag dispensers, water bowls, benches for sitting while your dogs play

Location: 29621 Park City Avenue (at Murrieta Road)
Contact: City of Menifee (951) 672-6777
Hours of Operation: 6:00am to 10:00pm
Website Link

Aldergate Dog Park: Huge play area

Aldergate dogpark provides a huge fenced in grassy area for off leash dog play. Perfect for playing fetch and exercising those energetic pups.

Perks: Off leash ok, doggy bag dispenser, water bowls, lots of space, chairs for sitting while your dogs play

Location: 28688 Aldergate Road (at Menifee Road)
Contact: Valley Wide (951) 672-6744
Hours of Operation: 6:00am to 10:00pm
Website Link

Path at Newport: Paved and convenient

The paved path that winds through the Paloma Wash adjacent to Haun and Newport Road is a good quick walk for you and your pups. The approximately two mile paved path is conveniently located in the heart of Menifee and offers a safe place to walk leashed pets.

Perks: Paved, convenient

Location: Entrance on Newport Road, West of Haun.
Hours: Sunrise to sunset

Trails off McCall: Scenic hike

The trails that meander through the hills just off of McCall Road make for a great hike with your dogs, particularly at sunrise or sunset. The paths span the hills every which way, so it’s a choose your own adventure type of hike.

There are no doggy bag dispensers so be sure to bring your own.

Perks: View of the city, dirt paths

Location: Off of McCall, at the top of Antelope Road
Hours: Sunrise to sunset

Menifee Lakes: Residents only

While Menifee Lakes is only open to it’s residents, a lot of those residents don’t know that you’re allowed to walk you dog around the lake too. The beautiful 35-acre lake is surrounded by 2 miles of paved pathways, perfect for a scenic walk with your furry friend.

Perks: Private, paved, scenic, security

Location: Entrances throughout the Menifee Lakes community
Hours: Sunrise to sunset


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