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Since opening their doors to Menifee in November 2011, Elevate Fitness Studio has been encouraging f...

Since opening their doors to Menifee in November 2011, Elevate Fitness Studio has been encouraging fitness and healthy living through specialized training techniques.

Owner, Paul David, has a degree in Exercise Physiology and a 19-year background in health club management and personal training. Despite his experience with large chain facilities, David wanted Elevate to focus more on the individual, making sure each and every person receives the attentive training they need to succeed.

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Their all-inclusive approach to training covers three main aspects of understanding, necessary to achieving each person’s exclusive goal, beginning with their highly qualified staff. The first and most important element to successful training is, or course, the trainer.

As a specialized training studio, Elevate prefers their coaches hold a degree in an Allied health field as well as maintain nationally recognized certifications. Elevate’s entire staff attends weekly training each Monday to guarantee their clients are getting the most advanced and effective instruction possible.

Elevate’s second pillar of utmost importance is to help people separate fact from fiction when it comes to health and fitness. David emphasizes how overwhelmed with information the general public tends to be. So his focus is to look at what is the most effective program for each client right now.

A certified trainer creates a custom program specifically tailored to each unique situation, to help individuals achieve their fitness goals on a specialized basis.

elevate fitness studio
The final element to a successful outcome is diet and nutrition. Each client receives completely customized recommendations in terms of how to eat, what and when to eat, in order to reach the results they want.

What is evident in the Elevate plan, as opposed to generic workouts and diets set by most mainstream trainers, is that they really care about each client’s outcome. You leave feeling educated as well as fit.

Should you miss a class for vacation, your trainer will even provide you with a travel workout so you can maintain progress while away.

Because of the expertise of their trainers, Elevate is able to cater to all fitness levels. From teaching beginners what to wear to a workout, to helping advanced athletes to train hard, they are able to tailor a program for every need.

They offer individual one on one workouts, small group classes of up to four participants, and large group organized workouts of up to ten people. The small groups are optimum for encouraging continued success and motivation.

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