Sun City Civic Association Board Election Statements

Sun City Civic Association is currently running elections for their board. Ballots were mailed out ...

Sun City Civic Association is currently running elections for their board. Ballots were mailed out on January 9 to 4,762 residents and investors, and candidates were invited to submit their comments here on Menifee 24/7. We received comments from four of the seven candidates...

Tom Thurman

tom thurmanThe New Year brings us to campaign season for the Sun City Civic Association. There are seven candidates running for four openings on the Board of Directors: two coalitions of three and me.

While serving as co-chair of the SCCA Finance Committee, I learned that there are many other qualified and experienced management companies with rates that are 30% to 80% lower than the firm we are now using. In addition, they provide services that are superior to our current management company. Given those facts, I believe we could save as much as $140,000 per year, and that we should be giving that issue our full attention.

The Sun City Civic Association is 50 years old. Buildings, walkways, pipes, roofs and machines need repair and replacement at an eye-opening rate. But we are NOT capable of making such expenditures because our reserve level is only ONE- FOURTH of what the SCCA Reserve Analyst recommends. In my opinion, this is not management, its mis-management. I have nothing against Merit. I just feel we should be getting MORE service with LESS costs.

And while we’re on the subject, I also promise to keep the membership’s best interests uppermost; to comply with our governing documents; to operate with as much transparency as the law allows; to protect our 55-plus status; to hold at least two open forums per year to LISTEN to the members; to give my loyalty for the benefit of the members, not other members of the Board; to promote long range planning; and to be open to new, more efficient, and more effective ways of caring for the Association and its members.

My endorsements include Wally Edgerton Mayor, City of Menifee, Scott Mann Governing Board, Menifee School District, Edna Rae Bogut past President, SCCA Board of Directors, Marcia Heintz past Treasurer, SCCA Board of Directors, Richard Heintz past Vice President, SCCA Board of Directors, Susan Carrreiro past Director, SCCA Board of Directors.

If your interests and values are like mine, I’d be honored to receive your vote.

Randi Hewitt

randi hewittWhy I want to become a Board Member:

First of all I would like to say that I love this community and I want to help keep it a safe, fun and a well maintained community to live in. I also want to keep it a great value for all of the residents who live here.

If elected, I will always act in the best interest of the Homeowners when:

1. Tasking the contractor to perform a function.

2. Spending funds to maintain our facilities.

3. I will Educate myself with regards to presented issues so I am informed enough to support an up or down vote.

4. I will Work with all the Board members and committees to ensure cohesiveness and continuity and transparency within the group/s.

5. I will always work toward the best possible outcome for Homeowners.

6. I will be honest and forthcoming - always working in the best interest of our community.

Here is a little of my history – get to know where I came from

I retired from the Department of the Navy. I am a Veteran with an Honorable discharge and I also served my country as a Civil Servant. I was a manager for fourteen years and some of my responsibilities were to budget for Manpower, Materials, Facilities, Support Equipment, and Technical Data development, outsourcing of technical support services and Travel. I was responsible to provide oversight for contractors performing technical services insuring that the service complied with the contracted requirements in support of the War fighter. I have a background in Aircraft Maintenance, Electrical Engineering and Acquisition Logistics.

John Corlett

john corlettIt is time once again to ELECT new Board members for Sun City Civic Association. I, John W. Corlett, will be seeking a seat on the Board. My platform is "Your future is in the seed you sow today".

I have over forty-five years of Accounting experience and I am on the Board of the Riverside Tax Consultants, I am Treasurer of the Menifee Sun City Concern and a Board member, and I am registered with the California Tax Education Counsel and the IRS.

For credentials, I have a degree in Business Administration with a minor in Accounting. During my working years I was associated with major Corporations as an Accountant, Accounting Manager and Comptroller. During my tour of duty with the U.S. Army I was assigned to the Hospital Administration at Fort Ord, as a Cost Accountant preparing Budgets, monthly Profit and Loss statements, Funding TDY's for both Military and Civilian personnel.

As former Treasurer of Sun City Civic Association, I feel mandated to cosely examine Income, Cost and Expenses, and to curtail wasteful spending. I will endeavor to increase SCCA's Reserve Fund, replace SCCA's Earthquake Insurance, work to instill confidance in SCCA Corporation management for all property owner member.

For the past three years I have been a member of the SCCA Finance Committee. The Committee has recommended numerous accounting corrections to the Board which have gone unheeded.

Upon being elected to the 2012 Board, I will endeavor to increase the Reserve Fund, reinstate Pool Monitors, encourage member involvement and activities, ADHERE to our founding documents.

On your ballot you will be asked to vote for sixteen revised By-Laws which, in the opinion of the Corporation Attorney, are deemed unnecessary as the corrections were stylistic and of no importance. That being said I urge a NO VOTE on the By-Laws.

I, John W. Corlett, solicit your support in the upcoming election in 2012.

Bob Klingenberg

bob klingenbergWhy Am I Applying:

Living in Sun City since 2004 and since 2008 have been seeing this community going downhill with reserve funds being now at 24%, lack of communication between board members and community, over spending money to a management company to do what we have been doing years before while getting deeper in debt over the years with such management company.Looking to be part of a team to bring Sun City back to its wonder days where the community members again can enjoy its retirement years without the hassle of politics.

Bob Klingenberg


Born, raised and educated in Chicago and suburbs and after graduation followed my father into the graphic arts trade where I excelled till 1987 when my company was sold and was moved out of state.Taking time off I made a decision to move to California in 1988 with my former fiancée who was a beautician and I bought into a franchise Hair Performers in Redondo Beach where I was manager, appointment maker and bookkeeper. Even though the salon being successful my fiancée was home sick for Chicago and we sold the salon in 1993 and she moved back and I stayed.Again went back to the graphic arts trade and later work for a courier company and then moved to Sun City 2004 where I went into the mold injection technology field in Temecula till company downsize in 2008 and I retired.So much time on hand took up shuffleboard and still with time available I am seeking a place on the Board of Directors to help bring Sun City back to its wonder years where the community members again can enjoy its retirement years without the hassle of politics. We need to regain control back from the management company hired by previous board members and stop paying them money to do what we were doing before and digging ourselves deeper in debt with such management company. We need to more transparent board that will protect homeowner’s rights.I am running with 3 others with like views and with one already on board will have majority to