Animal Friends of the Valleys Foster Pet Program

If you love helping animals but can’t quite commit to a permanent adoption, consider fostering a furry friend instead. Animal Friends of the Valleys is looking for loving families to temporarily house and care for homeless pets.

Animal Friends selects an animal they feel will work well in your home based on which ones have been at the shelter the longest or are in need of extra care because of an injury or illness. AFV supplie all of the food, toys, blankets, and anything else the animal may need while in your care.

Animal Friends of the Valleys
Really all you have to do is love the little guy (or girl) until a permanent home can be found. On Saturdays the fostering family is asked to bring the foster pet to the Temecula Petco and leave them from 10 am until 3 pm for adoption day.

Sound like something you could do? Contact AFV Foster Coordinator, Lorie Natzic at (951) 471-8344 x. 216.

Some happy facts from Animal Friends of Valleys:

-Over the past three months during Iams Home For the Holidays pet adoption drive, AFV was able to exceed their goal of adopting out 600 dogs and 300 cats. In fact, 701 dogs and 348 cats found forever homes in time for the holidays.

-1,060 volunteers donated over 11,695 hours of their time last year alone.

-AFV uses 7,000 pounds of dog food and 2,800 pounds of cat food every month. The holiday food drive was able to help them meet their quota.

Animal Friends of the Valley extends a very warm thank you to the community for all of the support throughout the holiday season and all through the year!


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