Examining Expectations – Emotional Decisions

Royal American Financial Advisors, LLC, based here in Menifee, brings another weekly video on investing your money...

Drawing upon our emotions or gut feelings to make important investing decisions can be very costly. You may get lucky by guessing right once, but to guess consistently correct during a lifetime is almost impossible. The good news is, a prudent investing strategy does not require guesses, forecasts, gut feelings, or emotional based decisions.

Learn how the cognitive part of our brain (what we know) often justifies bad investor instincts and causes investors to make irrational and costly decisions. This is an excellent lesson on investor behavior every investor should learn. Share this video with your friends and family. Learn how to control your instincts and emotions and you will become a better investor by making better decisions. John provides some additional insight about investor emotions in minute 11. This is one for the archives!

John Borger and Scott Buchanan of Royal American Financial Advisors, LLC provide investor education to help investors avoid costly and unnecessary mistakes, increase their potential returns, and take a more prudent approach to investing and growing their wealth.

You may contact them at (951) 679-2065, or check out their website at: http://www.myinvestmentcoach.com/


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