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Saturday, December 10, 2011 was an exciting night for the city of Menifee. As a newer mark on the ma...

texas roadhouseSaturday, December 10, 2011 was an exciting night for the city of Menifee. As a newer mark on the map every Menifee related event warrants unbridled enthusiasm, whether it be the lighting of the first city hall Christmas Tree or the addition of another restaurant to the city’s repertoire.

After months of mounting anticipation, Texas Roadhouse restaurant in Menifee finally opened their big brown doors to friends and family for a two night soft opening extravaganza. Conveniently located in the heart of Menifee at Newport and Haun Road, both nights delivered a packed house at the very first Southern California Texas Roadhouse location.

Together, the delicious aroma of down home barbecue and lively country music envelop the senses from the very second you step foot in their establishment. Part of the telltale Texas Roadhouse tradition is the energetic and all encompassing atmosphere that adds to the diner’s experience.

The elaborate d├ęcor combines rustic Texas charm with humorous art, namely an enormous buffalo head in the bar area along with various mounted animals and antlers. It is their trademark barrel upon barrel of peanuts that verifies you are indeed at an authentic Texas Roadhouse.

texas roadhouse
texas roadhouse
texas roadhouse
Throughout the evening at 45-minute intervals, designated songs signified the entire staff to drop what they were doing and partake in an all out one-minute line dance. The energy and general cheerfulness exhibited by all employees only served to reinforce their legendary service motto.

Along with exemplary service, Roadhouse also guarantees legendary food promising each patron will leave feeling nothing less than absolutely stuffed and content.

texas roadhouseBeginning with the house rolls that are made fresh every 5 minutes, the food coma commences. Each table is delivered toasty hot rolls and home churned honey cinnamon butter along with their menus when they first sit down.

Nearly everything that comes out of the Roadhouse kitchen is made fresh each day, including all fourteen of their legendary sides. Even their ranch dressing is made from scratch. The menu is designed so that your meal comes completely customized to your liking.

The servers were every bit helpful and eager to add their advice when it came down to ordering. With so many choices on the menu, a talkative waitress was welcomed.

Server Jaclyn Channel shares, “I’ve worked at other family restaurants, but what makes Texas Roadhouse so special is that I’m encouraged to interact with my tables. It’s okay to talk to people here, which I really like.”

With over 4,000 applicants vying to work at the new Roadhouse, the process for selecting the very best of the best for their team took a great amount of discretion. When all was said and done, 200 highly qualified employees remain.

As a company, they pride themselves in the quality of their people and, not surprising, the quality of every ingredient used in their kitchen as well. Beginning with the meat of the meal, their steaks are never frozen, 100%, US grade certified, aged on site, and hand cut by an in-house butcher.

Tallying in at 60% of their total food cost, a Roadhouse steak rivals those from esteemed steak houses the likes of Ruth Chris or Flemming's.

texas roadhouse
texas roadhouse
Exceeding expectations, an impressed diner exclaimed, “I’m not going to exaggerate, this is one of the best steaks I have ever had!” True to its name, the Hearty Cut 11-ounce USDA Choice Sirloin came absolutely smothered in sauteed mushrooms, onions, and home-style brown gravy.

As promised, the barbecue ribs literally fell off of the bone, making a knife and fork essential to their consumption. Or course anything marinated for three days and then slow cooked for eight hours is going to taste insanely good when topped with secret recipe barbecue sauce.

texas roadhouseEverything ordered was, to simply put it, delicious. Generous portions of perfectly prepared entrees boasting big and bold flavors made this Texas style meal truly memorable.

Aside from the excellent food and outstanding service, the most incredible part of the evening is that from the very first service, Texas Roadhouse is already giving back to the community. The entirety of the two-night opening was complimentary. Patrons were however required to pay for alcoholic beverages and most wanted to express their gratitude with a generous tip as well.

The proceeds from all alcohol sales were to be donated to Menifee Christmas Dinner and Toy Drive, which service manager Jodi Swan estimated to be well over $3,000 including tips. In addition, the servers vowed to donate all of their gratuities to the cause as well.

Texas Roadhouse in Menifee will officially open to the public tonight, Monday, December 12th, and they promise to have some peanuts waiting for you.

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