Loma Linda University Medical Center Murrieta Delivers More Than Just Babies

Should you unknowingly find yourself in the lobby of Loma Linda University Medical Center off Scott ...

Should you unknowingly find yourself in the lobby of Loma Linda University Medical Center off Scott Road you might mistake it for a five star resort or hotel.

From the second you walk through their pristine lobby to the moment you step off the elevator on to their brand new maternity ward you will notice the aesthetic is really nothing short of remarkable.

Loma Linda Medical Center
Loma Linda Maternity

Beyond the outside appearance, this particular facility was innovatively built from the ground up on a completely electronic system. Only one other medical establishment in the entire United States can boast such an accomplishment.

This means not only is the equipment state of the art, but the entire staff has been specifically trained as part of the process. Integrating technology and precise expertise to establish a strong foundation, they are able to offer more than just top of the line care.

“Guided by faith, dedicated to healing” is not only the mission they strive to serve by, but also the very feeling that envelops you during your stay at Loma Linda Murrieta.

At only five months new, the second floor maternity ward has already delivered 132 babies. Five individual labor, delivery, and recovery rooms (LDR) in conjunction with three triage rooms allows for the potential accommodation of eight laboring women at any one given time.

With twelve private postpartum suites, two surgical rooms, and a fully equipped nursery this state of the art maternity unit well exceeds any expectations an expecting mother may require.

Loma Linda Maternity Suite
Loma Linda Maternity
Loma Linda Maternity

Although they do house a high tech newborn nursery, unless otherwise required, all post-delivery care is carried out in the same room. Baby is never too far from mom to facilitate the all-important first hour bonding, which Loma Linda emphasizes and encourages as, the “the Golden Hour”.

The maternity floor includes its own waiting room with a direct phone line to each spacious site. Friends and family are easily reachable and never more than a quick dial away.

Labor and delivery can be fairly unpredictable, so for this reason there are no specified visiting hours or limitations for the maternity unit. Loved ones can come and go at the their personal leisure.

Amenities were also made as convenient and accessible as possible to accommodate the whole expectant family. Wi-Fi and meal delivery for multi tasking dad and a play area for excited siblings.

Care for mom and her family begins even before the actual delivery of the baby. Each Monday at 6:30 pm expectant mothers and their partners are invited to attend an informational tour of the beautiful maternity unit.

Reservations are required each week to ensure an optimum experience for every mom to be. During this hour and a half all-inclusive walk through no question is left unanswered, no detail overlooked.

Hospital administration personnel, including their insurance specialist, are on hand during the presentation portion of the orientation to answer specific questions families may have.

The ultimate ambition is for Mom and Dad to leave the tour feeling at ease, assured that the delivery of their little bundle will be seamless and as planned as possible. Each family is provided with a full color booklet to peruse during the tour and take home for reference after.

The booklet acts a guide through the delivery process and contains complete information including; checklists and procedures to have in place prior to the delivery date, the birth experience both during and after labor, and supplemental classes and questions most pregnant couples have.

This thorough preparedness can be seen throughout the entirety of Loma Linda’s maternity facility. The big picture is very focused on the mother and family’s delivery experience.

Loma Linda Maternity Ward
Loma Linda Maternity

Expectant mom to be, Andrea Amescua came over from Wildomar with her husband and mother to explore the maternity program because, as she notes, “We have heard nothing but the best about the Loma Linda maternity unit.”

And when it comes time to deliver your precious baby, unquestionably nothing short of the very best will do.

Loma Linda University Medical Center-Murrieta
28062 Baxter Road
Murrieta, CA 92563


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