New Chase Bank in Menifee Opens Today

Customers of Chase Bank will soon find banking to be a little more convenient now that the nation's second largest bank opened its newest branch in Countryside Marketplace this morning.

Currently, Chase customers in Menifee have been using the Sun City branch where parking has often been a challenge, or driving to branches in Murrieta and Lake Elsinore.

The much anticipated opening led to a rush of bank customers that made the new bank branch look crowded like a lunch hour on pay day. Bank managers greeted everyone with smiles, but could not provide comments to us without clearance from the corporate office.

However, Laura Riesenberg, branch manager of the new Chase location, said there will be a more formal Grand Opening event on December 3.

But folks who stop by today can pick up some freebies, such as piggy-bank key chains, letter-openers, frisbees and pens among other goodies.

JPMorgan Chase & Co. originally started in 1799 in New York City according to the company's website. In 2008, they acquired the assets of Washington Mutual which turned many Menifee residents into Chase Bank customers overnight.


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