PAWZ For Wounded Veterans Impacts The Lives Of Many

The heartfelt experiences endured through canine companionship have made a strong impact on the live...

The heartfelt experiences endured through canine companionship have made a strong impact on the lives of many, especially to those connected with the PAWZ For Wounded Veterans program.

On the evening of Sunday, August 14th, PAWZ for Wounded Veterans held a "Hot Country Night" themed fundraiser at Wooden Nickel Ranch to raise money for disabled veterans in need of service dogs.

After discovering the statistics of common impairing illnesses in veterans in need of assistance, the Canine Support Teams organization developed the PAWZ For Wounded Veterans program to aid disabled veterans with the companionship and help of service dogs for the past 3 years.

On Sunday, a mass of 160 supporters of PAWZ For Wounded Veterans accumulated in the country-like setting of Tom Fuhrman's Wooden Nickel Ranch. Fuhrman was ordinarily known for hosting Civil War re-enactments annually at his ranch to honor the soldiers who sacrificed their lives for the country. In having great respect for those who served in the military, Fuhrman donated the use of his facilities to contribute to the cause while demonstrating veteran appreciation and honor in another way.

The inviting aroma of hamburgers, hotdogs, breadsticks, baked beans and potato salad filled the air. Also provided were Monsters Energy Drinks, tea, water, and chips. All food and refreshments were included with the cost of entry. The cheerful country music performed live by The Silverados created a high-spirited environment everyone could dance to. A massive selection of raffle prizes were donated to the event for a silent raffle held towards the end of the evening. All proceeds went in favor of the 15 veterans in need of service dogs. The price for an advanced, trained service dog is about $15,000.

Chief Executive Office of Canine Support Teams, Carol Roquemore went center-stage to say a couple words about PAWZ For Wounded Veterans. As an experienced service dog owner, she strongly emphasized how service dog companionship can drastically change a person's life and even save a life.

"You would be amazed by the stories we hear from people who use our service dogs," Carol boldly stated with her yellow Labrador Retriever by her side.

In multiple ways, Canine Support Teams and PAWZ For Wounded Veterans have embarked in helping many different people who are in need of general guidance. The organization trains their dogs through both the California Institution For Women and Youth At Risk programs. Canine Support Teams consider the dog training to be a productive and effective learning experience for both programs.

"Engaging the women and youth of these programs in dog training has been a really great experience for them. They learn the value of patience and teamwork," said Donna Willis, Senior Instructor of Canine Support Teams, "A dog is a person's companion. They are good for people emotionally."

Donna Willis and Carol Roquemore concluded the celebration with a sentimental declaration of gratitude and deep appreciation for everyone who donated their time and money. The organization's hopes and determination to help veterans in need is what guides PAWZ For Wounded Veterans to coordinate fundraising events such as Hot Country Night. With all the hard work put into arranging the event, PAWZ For Wounded Veterans successfully raised a total of $6,000.

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