North Golf Course in Sun City renovates its pro shop and clubhouse

North Golf Course Head Starter Tom Crayton picks out a shirt for a customer at the newly redone pro ...

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North Golf Course Head Starter Tom Crayton picks
out a shirt for a customer at the newly redone
pro shop.
The North Golf Course pro shop in Sun City has finally gotten out of the rough. After switching management earlier this year, the store has been renovated to bring it up to par with the rest of the course.

“It didn’t look like it does now six months ago,” said Jaime Sanchez-Martin, the head golf professional at the course. “It’s been completely turned around.”

The pro shop was remodeled by the new general manager of North Golf Course, Jim Spooner. He applied his degree in golf management to tailor the store to better fit the clientele.

“Jim took out the high end merchandise and brought in products more suitable for the community and local golfers,” said North Golf Course Head Starter Tom Crayton, who runs the shop.

Spooner rearranged the store as he restocked it. “When I came in here, there was nothing on the walls,” he said. “What you see in here now, I put everything in there.”

He also put in a new checkout counter and a second cash register. “That was a big deal,” said Crayton. “It helps getting people out of the pro shop and onto the course.”

North Golf Course Pro Shop now offers almost everything a golfer would need, at lower prices. “We absolutely have a lot more sales now,” said Crayton.

Shoppers will find products ranging from sunglasses, towels and gloves to sweat resistance shirts, shoes, and golf bags at the pro shop. There are also demo clubs available for golfers to try out on the course’s18-hole stretch before they consider purchasing.

The store also has a variety of hats including caps, straw hats and visors. “The women’s membership wanted visors,” said Spooner. “I brought in 36, and the first day they were here we sold 10 within an hour.”

Along with selling golf necessities, the pro shop offers seasonal specials that keep customers coming back. “The clientele here is great,” said Crayton. “A lot of the same people come in, so I get to know them.”

Crayton was also the project manager for the refurbishment of the North Golf Course Clubhouse that was vandalized by an arsonist last February. “There was so much smoke damage, we had to redo everything,” explained Crayton.

The renovation was completed in several phases and included a new roof, lights, fans, doors and patio overhang. The walls were repainted, the restrooms were remodeled, and a high definition television and sound system were added.

North Golf Course continues to make improvements. A practice facility for beginners was put in, and management would also like to add a lake to the course sometime in the future.

North Golf Course is located at 26660 McCall Blvd. For more information, or to learn about their summer special, visit or call (951) 679-5111.