Carol Sullivan Enters the Race for Menifee Union School Board

Carol Sullivan has entered the race for Menifee Union School District Board of Trustees, going up ag...

carol sullivanCarol Sullivan has entered the race for Menifee Union School District Board of Trustees, going up against Bob O'Donnell, Rita Peters, and Scott Mann.

Sullivan posted a note on her Facebook page last evening...

I have also entered the race for Menifee Union School District. The waste of money to extend the terms of two incombents is unreal. We need to provide the best education for our students not waste the money on elections. I intend to see that our children have the best education that we can provide. Thank

Sullivan is currently President of Menifee Sun City Concern, a member of Menifee Rotary Club, and sits on the City of Menifee's General Plan Advisory Committee. She had run bids for city council in 2010 and 2008.

Patricia Cahill officially entered the race as well. Cahill is a counselor at Hans Christensen Middle School, where she runs their SAFE program.


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  1. Patricia Cahill is also running.

  2. Carol has a true compassion for this community. She is strong and honest...The children would benefit from her position on this Board...I wish her much success..

  3. Mrs. Sullivan,

    What is your opinion on Rita Peters, Bob O’Donnell, and the current board effectively eliminating any opportunity for our kids to partake in any sort of field trip?

    The current board has done this by:

    1) not allowing Menifee students to use Menifee buses,
    2) making it next to impossible for any type of fund raiser to be implemented, as the board has forced all teachers to agree on one fundraiser,
    3) forcing all teachers to agree on one field trip and not allowing each class to determine their own.

    Please let me know if you have the same view as the current board members do, in limiting our kids to classroom experience only. Thanks.



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