Menifee Measure C (Wal-Mart) Election Results

At 11:01PM this evening, with 100% of the ballots counted, Measure C passes with a landslide approva...

measure c walmart election ballotAt 11:01PM this evening, with 100% of the ballots counted, Measure C passes with a landslide approval rate...

YES - 7,834 (76.83%)
NO - 2,363 (23.17%)

At 9:30PM this evening, with 37.5% of the ballots counted, here's the current vote count...

YES - 6,983 (78.13%)
NO - 1,955 (21.87%)

At 8:02PM this evening, with 30% of the ballots counted, here was vote count...

YES - 6,821 (78.20%)
NO - 1,901 (21.80%)

This is the vote tally on Measure C, the Wal-Mart ballot.

Yes = to approve a new Wal-Mart
No = to disapprove a new Wal-Mart


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  1. I'm so excited to witness the waste of our city tax dollars on this election :-\ - (sigh).

    Hopefully the next go around will bring more qualified candidates to city council so important matters like this are more carefully reviewed with an eye for business and community development. Instead, it got pushed to a vote because council members couldn't agree.

    Seems like the same problem we have in Washington :-\.

    I mean no disrespect to our sitting members, I'm grateful for their community contribution, but a little more business experience in our elected officials would be a good start for us.

  2. I agree with above. Our council should have just said "NO" to Wal-Mart. We don't want it or need it and it will not bring any significant business. It will increase traffic and crime and we don't have adequate roads as it is.
    I'm sure this measure will pass given the daily full page flyers received in the mail in favor of it. I wonder where the money for all those flyers came from? Wal-Mart!!

  3. This is ridiculous. The people in this town don't think of what is going to happen to this community if Walmart goes in. Re zoning the area for Walmart means the people with livestock will most likely have to get rid of their animals and their property taxes will either double or triple in price. You can't have livestock on commercial property. Nobody thinks about anyone except themselves that is what is wrong with the world today. Not to mention the traffic since Walmart will only contribute 3.5 million for the roads but the estimated 60 million that they were counting on from the state to upgrade the freeway will not be coming because our state is bankrupt. But don't worry when nobody can get down Scott Rd. In the morning they will just drive down
    Newport and when they can't afford that freeway upgrade be ready to dip into your pockets if
    you own property here. Now that the land around walmart will be re zoned they can start with
    those new commercial property owners. And when you lose your union job don't worry you can
    get a job at Walmart making minimum wage. There will be 300 of those jobs available out of the 450 that are going to be lost.

  4. Stupid stupid stupid.... Incredible.

  5. Let's look at the whole picture:

    1. Walmart wants menifee residents to shop at there store.
    2. If we let them build there will be increased traffic, low paying jobs and all the other things that those who vote against it say will happen.
    3. Walmart will be providing jobs (low paying or not, many people want them) and as a city we will gain tax dollars from the sales that take place there.
    4. If we vote no then Walmart will just get land from Perris or Murrieta and build right on our boarder. Then we will get the traffic etc, without any tax revenue from it.

    Business and growth happen, it is definitely better to plan the growth which the council and planning commission has done by pushing a commitment of 3 million dollars from Walmart to help with the bridge expansion and other road improvements. To deny growth will only cut our own city revenue and money we would like to have to create and maintain walking trails, horse trails and all the other things that will keep Menifee...Menifee.

  6. So much for the 'small town' feel. Welcome to Hemet folks and bring on the graffiti!

  7. It's always funny to hear about how Menifee doesn't want a Wal-Mart when over 78% is voting yes. Everyone is always so negative with the store, but they are the biggest chain in the world. People accuse Wal-Mart of selling nothing but product made in China, but they sell similar products as SuperTarget. I do wish Costco came instead, but I welcome the addition of Wal-Mart to our city. If it does bring in crime, then be responsible citizens and help stop it. With cityhood brings stores, and Wal-Mart was inevitable. Temecula, Murrieta, Lake Elsinore, Hemet, and Perris all have one. What makes us think that we would be any different? I'm glad we have more shopping choices.

  8. There are future plans for a Costco on the opposite side of the freeway from the Walmart corner. Of course plans can change but that is the word for now from the city planning commission. Growth can be good if we maintain our country feel as we grow.

  9. You people are unbelievable....who do you think build roads, contributes to schools, parks, and police....not your tax dollars...developments like these help build infrastructure. If your deal is having goat paths throughout the city and not pavement like a 21st century city, then keep complaining and maybe you will be successful in preventing MODERN PROGRESS..... Wake Up.

  10. Wal Mart will be a useless addition. We have a Super Target and thats all we should have. Wal Mart? Really? With so many people of Menifee hating on this idea you'd think they'd throw it out and say "No, Menifee does NOT want a Wal Mart." But instead you keep casting the line out "Who wants a Wal Mart? Now who doesn't?" it's always going to be a big fat NO. Wal Mart can just take their trashy business elsewhere because we don't want them messing up OUR little Menifee.

  11. I Can't believe So many people are miss informed. the lion share of the 60 million for road construction is our tax Dollars.and where Banking On houses that aren't even built yet. Menifee has a good nest egg now.But not for long at this rate?

  12. Menifee is bound to grow economically. This "small town feel" isn't going to last forever. So if we can all just accept what is going it can make the process go by much smoother. Not everyone may like it, but every small town eventually starts to grow. It's unavoidable. Plus, if anyone is to blame, it's the residents of Menifee. People's need needs grow so those needs need to be fulfilled. Which explains the economical growth. So we all just need to suck it up. I personally don't care much about this situation but I am just one person. But I am sure there are more people out there that understand what I'm saying. But for now all we can do is wait. Either let our town grow. Or just let it stay behind.

    -Philly J

  13. Wal-Mart is NOT paying for road improvements. READ facts. Wal-Mart is NOT progress. Duh, ANY OTHER business would also pay due taxes and do MORE than Wal-Mart. That intersection is a prime location that would lured better commercial development. FACT: 78% grabbed the first junky offer. FACT: City council did NOT want Wal-Mart. Wal-Mart was relentless and wanted uneducated residents to vote.... sad to read that 78% of voters did NOT truly study the impact of this decision. I hope they cough on exhaust fumes for their vote for a traffic jam on Scott Road. Some people who cannot afford to live in a real city come to Menifee trashing this land as if this is some simulation game that can be restarted. I miss the Budweiser horses. And obviously the one who was a bad mouth about goat paths never could afford a vacation home in Maui -either- where we enjoy the goat paths. Fact: 78% of the residents are low class, need instant gratification, and are too illiterate to understand the facts ... IF they even read the news.

  14. In response to my comment left @ 12:17 PM today - apparently I wasn't clear because I was intending to communicate a sense of sarcastic dissatisfaction with the idea that council wouldn't just approve the plan with some modifications.

    Menifee will live or die by its ability to collect revenue. This is what will separate us from the other towns commonly cited in these arguments. As long we're vigilant in choosing which businesses to allow in, we won't end up with vacant big box stores all across town.

    Wal-Mart generates a lot of tax revenue and with the right controls in place - this can be a HUGE asset for our city. Look at all the prospective tenants for the new Shops at Scott center - they're all salivating over the idea that a large shopping center could/will go in across the street and are waiting to sign leases largely based on the results of this election.

    Incorporation mean progress and progress means change. Some will like it, while others will hate it -- but it's going to happen either way, so why not just roll with it and stop griping.

    It would have been nice to save the 50K on this election, but some of the council members were too concerned about back-lash to take a bold stance. To effect change means to be bold, brave, and often stand alone. You can bet I'm going to look closer at candidate background before I cast my next vote for a sitting councilmember seat.

    I look forward to the day Menifee has a thriving economy, lush infrastructure, and mature business practices. I want to thank our current council members for their service and I look forward to years of sensible commercial, residential, and economic growth in our town.

  15. Wow, with all these folks speaking out against Wal-Mart it seems clear that the vote should never even been close. Unless the only people posting in here are haters who have nothing better to do and just want to complain. Come now people it passed 6-1 accept it and move on to bigger issues.

  16. 78% of the voting residents need to pull together their big money and pay for this:
    "....voters now have to cough up $113,000 to pay for Wal-Mart’s election. One city councilor asked Wal-Mart to pay for the cost of the special election, since the election was something the corporation had initiated on its own. "That is not something we will cover," a Wal-Mart spokesman responded."

  17. council should have just approved this plan (which they ALMOST did) with some simple stipulations or requested alterations.

    Instead they chose to let it go to ballot - because they couldn't agree.

    This isn't Wal-Mart's issue. This is square on the backs of council - they directly caused this expense.

    While I don't know the precise cost of the election, I believe it was somewhere in the ballpark of 50K due to the general election being held anyway. Never the less, its 50K of our tax dollars that council "COULD" have spent more productively than forcing the people to vote on something as simple as this.

    I shudder to think what's going to happen when the really tough issues come up - we can't just hold an election for everything deemed political poison.

  18. 7834 people within Menifee need to have their heads examined. So much for a peaceful community. Oh yeah, it's the 7834 people that live in the hills above where they are building the Walmart that actually want it. The only good thing about this Walmart is now all the scum that shop at Target will have a place to call home. Should clean up the Target area quite a bit!!!

  19. Don’t blame WalMart for the cost of this election.

    The city council had two options when it received the petition: approve it or let the voters decide. They chose the election with its associated costs.

    The overwhelming “yes” vote demonstrates one thing; we can’t rely on the social media when trying to measure the will of the people. Reading this and other sites’ comments would lead one to believe that the store didn’t stand a chance of approval.

  20. From Tony R.
    Awesome!!! I cant wait to buy my first cans of paint and start the graffiti and ghettocitation of Menifee.

    That's the only defect about democracy, lead a pack of sheep down the edge of a cliff and they will follow and fall.

    Good job, voters... :/

  21. Why on earth would we ever want to be compared to Hemet, Lake Elsinore or Perris? All are which complete sh*t holes and Menifee is following closely behind.

  22. blah blah blah that's all I hear from you. take a look at San Marcos Wall-Mart and tell me it will not bring revenue with the 20+ stores around it. did it put other businesses out NO. oh and there is a brand new costco being built right behind it.we already have crime and graffiti look at the pumps at the shell station.this is not some backwards town we are a growing community things never stay the same that would suck.if you don't like Wal-Mart you have the right to not shop at it. and maybe with this revenue the city can repave the one main road in Menifee. now why don't you go and complain about that

  23. Good Job City of Menifee...! You are putting Ma and pop stores in Menifee out of business.. Watch the crime rate go up.. Smart move.. NOT!

  24. I would like to say one thing to the people who voted yes. I've been reading a lot of posts on how the people apposing the Walmart are dumb hicks, and should just shut up and drink the cool aid. many of us have been out here for allot longer than all you have.and live out here to get away from most of you city folks.I have lived here for over 25 years and I seeing our wild life disappear.our much needed farm land going could see all the stars at night with out the street lights Blocking them out now. why did you move here in the first place? are you scared of the dark? don't like the dust? What is it?you all move out here for cheaper housing. and now you what to recreate your old life style in the big city.boy You have allot to is more than the equity of your home.

  25. I've always felt that voting is a privilege that should only be extended to those who demonstrate a commitment to understanding the issues and impact of their vote. Now I'm wondering if "Internet Access" should come with the same requirement :-\

    I'm truly shocked and embarrassed by some of the useless and unfounded rhetoric on this thread and the only think I can hope for is that all these people who seem to think that Wal-Mart is going to unilaterally destroy this city -- will move!

    I drive that bridge every day - and guess what ... it already sucks. So why not attract the necessary business to participate in solving the problem because the city can't do it alone.

    I just don't understand the mindset of an anti-establishment personality - this "aint" Radiator Springs anymore, so just accept it.

    The PEOPLE of Menifee have spoken - so just sit down and stop whining about what isn't going to change.

  26. I'm beginning to think the "Yes" votes came from the older citizens of the city that don't participate on blogs...

  27. I'm an older citizen of the City, 25 years here with my family & living on almost 6 acres. I love seeing the growth, I stay well informed by checking out all the minutes and agendas from city council, the planning commission and others and I blog too.

    I think the growth will be good as long as we make our desires known to the city council. We want to keep and create some farmland, horse trails,walking trails, a rustic look in the city. Guess what, so does the majority of the city officials.

    My suggestion is for everyone to stay informed through official channels more so than through blogs only. Menifee has a great history and I'm doing my part to help it have a great future as it grows.

    Blogging is great, but it is only an expression of thought. We all need to really get to know our city council & planning commissioners and do our part to help in the process.

    I'll see most of you at Walmart some day, then at Costco, then let's catch a movie (won't that be nice to have a theater here some day). Have a nice day.

  28. For those who are concerned, Menifee will continue to have rural areas, but those who expect the I-215 and Scott Road corridors to be rural will likely be disappointed.

    The businesses that find homes along those routes will provide the necessary tax revenue to build and maintain roads, parks and trails.

  29. Finally - to the two people who posted @ June 08, 2011 11:42 AM and June 08, 2011 11:46 AM - Thank you!

    You have restored my faith in the idea that some residents can voice a reasonable opinion without making all sorts of rediculous claims and/or being downright insulting.

    Thank you so much!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

  30. ..."With so many people of Menifee hating on this idea you'd think they'd throw it out and say "No, Menifee does NOT want a Wal Mart."

    - Are you serious, did you not see the vote results? Makes one wonder who the ignorant really are.

  31. Amazing...only around 10,000 people voted....Out of around 67,000 so 7,834 people that decided to be concerned decided on what the whole of Menifee gets....You get what you ask for....At least 2,363 tried.....