"CAR WASH!!!" ---- Who Could Resist?

Driving past the corner of Newport & Murrieta I totally could not resist the screaming of "CAR WASH!!" by 15-20 little girls. Pulling into the parking lot at the old Albertsons building I was nicely surprised at the fact that not only would my car be hand dried and windows cleaned (upon exiting the Circle K car wash), but that I would also have a plethora of baked goodies available to buy and munch on while I waited.

The Menifee Girls All-Star Softball Teams sure know the right way to put on a car wash. Not only were these girls adorable and but their moms & dads were SUPER nice and very appreciative of my stopping by.

This car wash will be available to the public all day today until 7pm. This morning I was served by the age 8 & under team, and as the day progresses the older teams will be taking their place. Drop by and support them. Not only will your car be all shiny and sparkly... but you'll drive away with that nice little feeling that you gave a little back to our community.


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