200 Riverside County Sheriff's Deputies Receive Layoff Notices

The Riverside County Sheriff's Department issued a press release last Friday announcing it had s...

riverside county sheriffThe Riverside County Sheriff's Department issued a press release last Friday announcing it had sent out layoff notices to an additional 100 deputies, on top of the original 100 layoff notices it had sent out on May 16.

The first set of layoff notices would have deputies losing their jobs effective July 13. This second round of notices would be effective August 10.

This comes after the County Executive Officer (CEO) recommended the Board of Supervisors adopt proposed budget cuts to the Sheriff's Department that would total as much as $60 million. The Board will consider those cuts next week at their June 13th budget meeting.

Even though the Board hasn't yet approved these budget cuts, the Sheriff opted to issue these layoff notices now to give deputies enough time to prepare. If the budget cuts are approved, some 500 positions within the Sheriff's Department will be cut.

Fortunately, these positions do not involve contract cities such as Menifee.

However, contract cities will still suffer as the Sheriff plans to cut staffing from multi-agency gang task forces, sexual predator teams (SAFE), and frontline drug task forces that deal with marijuana dispensaries, reduce patrol aviation service hours, and close and mothball several Sheriff's patrol stations. Deputy patrols of unincorporated areas will shrink from 1 officer for every 1,000 residents to just .75 officers.

In addition, to meet the proposed budget cuts, another 800 jail beds will be closed at the recently expanded Larry Smith Correctional Facility (LSCF), forcing many contract cities to book their inmates into the Riverside or Indio jail facilities. At that point, Riverside County's jail system will have been reduced from 4,200 to 3,100 beds, one-h