Wal-Mart Ballot Says Nothing About "Wal-Mart"

The sample ballot for Measure C, otherwise known as the " Wal-Mart Ballot ", was delivered...

The sample ballot for Measure C, otherwise known as the "Wal-Mart Ballot", was delivered to residents this past week. But there's nothing on the ballot mentioning that it's for Wal-Mart...

"Shall the ordinance proposing adoption of a specific plan for commercial development of approximately 30 acres of undeveloped property located near the northwesterly portion of the interstate 215 interchange with Scott Road be adopted?"

menifee measure c walmart ballot
In short, the ballot is asking if a Wal-Mart should be built in Menifee, on the corner of Scott Rd and the 215.

By law, the ballot must read exactly the same as the original petition statement that Wal-Mart conducted late last year, which perhaps raises questions if Wal-Mart deceived residents with their original petition, when it gathered some 8,100 signatures.

Scott Mann, former Menifee City Councilman seems to think so. He attended the last city council meeting to warn residents on the wording of Measure C.

"I think the absence of 'Wal-Mart' on the petition and the ballot is disingenuous." said Mann in a recent interview. "The voter who desperately wants more restaurants, shops and perhaps movie theaters will vote 'yes' for those but may have voted 'no' if Wal-Mart appeared on the ballot."

Apparently, no one filed any arguments against Wal-Mart with the Registrar of Voters. The pamphlet accompanying the sample ballot simply mentioned in bold type, "NO ARGUMENT AGAINST MEASURE C FILED". However, there was an argument issued in favor of Wal-Mart along with endorsements from several noted residents.

The vote will take place on Tuesday, June 7th. However, vote by mail begins on May 9th.

What are your thoughts? Will voters be confused by the wording of this ballot, and mistakenly vote for something they had been opposed to?


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  1. Measure C is deceptive , and why do we need another Wal-Mart ?

  2. ... because we need jobs and city revenue that the addition of a wal-Mart brings. What we need to understand is that if a Wal-Mart is built it will attract a good deal of other businesses shops/restaurants etc. Thus, raising our property values. Public safety will be an issue if our city government allows it to be. As we grow, so will our police enforcement. One thing is for certain, Menifee will develop one way or another, sooner or later. I personally would prefer it to develop at an upscale level but even upscale areas have Wal-Mart's.

  3. I believe that we the voters are an educated bunch of people. We have heard and read about the proposed used of the land for a year now - and we will vote accordingly.
    Please do not judge the voters as being confused AGAIN - like we were when we voted for districts.
    I am among the majority - I am sure - of knowledgeable voters who will know exactly what we are voting for.

  4. I think the statements work both ways. People who are happy to have the Wal-Mart won't even recognize that they have the opportunity to vote for it!
    I think it should have been explained by both sides.

  5. It was clear to me when I signed the petition that it was for building a WalMart at Scott and I-215. I don’t believe anyone who signed the petition thought otherwise.

    The fact that the petition drive was over rather quickly tells me WalMart had no trouble finding supporters. I expect Menifee voters will approve the measure.

    It’s surprising, however, that the naysayers didn’t offer an argument in opposition considering all the negative comments posted here and elsewhere.

  6. It was a little confusing but I think the word is out so no worries.....I expect it will get passed also...will there be other shops as well as Walmart? just wondering..and hope the traffic problem will be fixed..I see that scott road will be widened as the power company is moving telephone poles for the expansion...

  7. I think it is ridiculous that money was spent on conducting this special election. We as residents of Menifee are paying for this vote, not Walmart.

  8. According to a Nov 15, 2010 Press-Enterprise article, I think we can "thank" environmental law attorney Ray Johnson for the cost of this election.


    Challenging projects on environmental issues is a proven method to delay and discourage companies from starting projects. According to the article, by going directly to the voters, WalMart avoids the inevitable litigation and delays. WalMart will still build what the Planning Committee approved.

  9. The voters pamphlet was clear for anyone who read it and did in fact mention Walmart as a planned store in the measure.

    To claim it was deceptive is a bit dramatic don't you think? This measure was drafted to support a vote on a new shopping center at the intersection of Scott/215 - NOT a vote on whether or not the citizens of Menifee want a Wal-Mart.

    It would be an abuse of process and tax payer money to set a precedent whereby we as a city had to vote on every major store brand we wanted to issue permits for.

    My experience with the petition was that it was VERY clear and the person collecting was polite.

    Wal-Mart generated nearly a billion dollars in CA Sales Tax revenue last year and pays an average of $13 an hour for retail workers in California. What city wouldn't want a piece of that?

    Our city needs the revenue and I consider the cost of this election to be the sole responsibility of our elected councilmember's. They were at a 3:1 vote in favor of the project until the pressure was on - then all but one, switched their vote in the interest of self preservation, because it certainly wasn't good for the city NOR the opinion of the Menifee city residents.

    We elect people to make choices and represent the needs of our community - not to organize, document, and pass the buck.


  11. The voter pamphlet had vague information and had the word Walmart buried in its long text. How many people actually read the whole boring contect for this measure... Not many. Now, the ballot says nothing about Walmart... and everyone can argue in favor or against and ultimately it will be Walmart who will win and gain from this vote if it passes. Our long time local businesses will lose and our rural way of life will diminish into a cheap box store that sells us cheap quality stuff. On a funny note... consider the South Park episode based on Walmart opening into their small Colorado suburb and how it destroyed their way of life... Consider Independence, Kansas and how it destroyed their way of life.. little by little, Walmart will open up at every corner of this planet and hooray... we'll have a cheap job that can pay $13 bucks per hour.... Over half of the Target employees will have to apply to work at Walmart and figure out which store will stay open and which will close its doors. Most of the Best Buy employees will also go there once Best Buys closes its doors. The shoe store as well Sports Chalet will likely close its doors due to Walmarts' cheap pricing... Our beloved Big O Tires will see a decrease in business due to the cheap pricing... Our local popular eye doctor off Haun Rd will probably have to close his business and perhaps get employment at Walmart due to the cheap pricing... cheap does not mean its better... it takes away the competition and we all lose. Go ahead and vote for Walmart and you'll see what will happen... lower revenue means a lower tax base in return. Lower tax revenue for Menifee, means no road improvements and no development... Walmart does not work with cities, quite the opposite, they will eventually tell the city what to do... The petitioners were deceptive to my dumb down inquiries both in Hemet and Murrieta when they were telling me that Menifee contractors would be building this structure... yeah right...!! Menifee residents would be getting jobs from this project... yeah right... Other people from surrounding cities will get most of these jobs... Walmart can not discriminate on who to hire or who becomes the contractors for this development... I know how I will vote... When there is a good deal and I dont have a local choice, then I drive a whopping 8 minutes to Lake Elsinore. If I happen to drive into Murrieta, then it takes me 16 minutes. When I have business in Hemet, then it takes me 12 minutes right off Sanderson and Domenigoni. If Im desperate and I have or must go into Perris, then that trip only takes me 14 minutes. Do we really need another flipping Walmart around here???

  12. I can see why some people choose to remain anonynous...Lynda

  13. I love the Costco comment! Please Costco, come to our city!

  14. When I signed a petition I was asked to sign a Wal-Mart petition. There was no deception. And we need more jobs in Menifee, high paying or not a job is a job! And to Scott Mann I'd just say get your head out of the sand.

  15. I am one of the many who to see Menifee grow. In ten yeas I have not seen the mom and pop shops do much for the community as far as jobs and bargin prices. once when my wife apply tt 1 of our family own stores they told her they haven't had personnel change in years. how does that help my family. also for the people who want to talk about benefits. what kind of benefits are the mom and pop stores providing for their employees. same goes for the pay. menifee is a growing communities and I welcome walmart and any other business that is going to benefit the community !