Wal-Mart Ballot Says Nothing About "Wal-Mart"

The sample ballot for Measure C, otherwise known as the " Wal-Mart Ballot ", was delivered...

The sample ballot for Measure C, otherwise known as the "Wal-Mart Ballot", was delivered to residents this past week. But there's nothing on the ballot mentioning that it's for Wal-Mart...

"Shall the ordinance proposing adoption of a specific plan for commercial development of approximately 30 acres of undeveloped property located near the northwesterly portion of the interstate 215 interchange with Scott Road be adopted?"

menifee measure c walmart ballot
In short, the ballot is asking if a Wal-Mart should be built in Menifee, on the corner of Scott Rd and the 215.

By law, the ballot must read exactly the same as the original petition statement that Wal-Mart conducted late last year, which perhaps raises questions if Wal-Mart deceived residents with their original petition, when it gathered some 8,100 signatures.

Scott Mann, former Menifee City Councilman seems to think so. He attended the last city council meeting to warn residents on the wording of Measure C.

"I think the absence of 'Wal-Mart' on the petition and the ballot is disingenuous." said Mann in a recent interview. "The voter who desperately wants more restaurants, shops and perhaps movie theaters will vote 'yes' for those but may have voted 'no' if Wal-Mart appeared on the ballot."

Apparently, no one filed any arguments against Wal-Mart with the Registrar of Voters. The pamphlet accompanying the sample ballot simply mentioned in bold type, "NO ARGUMENT AGAINST MEASURE C FILED". However, there was an argument issued in favor of Wal-Mart along with endorsements from several noted residents.

The vote will take place on Tuesday, June 7th. However, vote by mail begins on May 9th.

What are your thoughts? Will voters be confused by the wording of this ballot, and mistakenly vote for something they had been opposed to?


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