Wal-Mart Goes to Public Ballot

It's going to require a public vote to decide if Wal-Mart comes to Menifee or not. That was the decision by Menifee City Council this e...

It's going to require a public vote to decide if Wal-Mart comes to Menifee or not.

That was the decision by Menifee City Council this evening before a packed City Hall. Perhaps as many as a few hundred showed up to voice their opinions either in favor of, or opposed to, the retail giant coming to Menifee.

Last month, the city council decided it needed more information on the project after Wal-Mart modified its plans from the one it had originally submitted the city's Planning Commission. Tonight, the city council reviewed the additional information.

However, the council was prevented from voting against Wal-Mart. Because the retailer had gathered enough signatures last year to force a public ballot, the council could only choose between approving Wal-Mart up front, or allowing the question to go to ballot.

Several residents stepped up to the podium to voice their support of Wal-Mart, while several others voiced their opposition. There was no clear concensus from residents on how Wal-Mart might fare at the ballot.

But in the end, the city council voted to let the measure go to ballot instead of granting Wal-Mart an approval up front. Council members Fuhrman, Twyman, and Edgerton voted to go to ballot, while Denver and Kuenzi opposed, preferring to approve Wal-Mart up front.

The ballot will take place on Tuesday, June 7, 2011. Because that date is also the date of a Statewide general election, costs for running the Wal-Mart ballot measure may be as low as $30,000.00 instead of the $113,000.00 for a special election.

"Even if it costs $30,000, the odds are that it's going to win", said council member Denver. "Where is the leadership? We are wasting money. This is $30,000 that we could use elsewhere!"

Mayor Edgerton responded, "When you talk about leadership, I don't think the democratic process is a waste of money."


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  2. So we should turn down a Walmart in Menifee, in a down economy, and see it go to another city that will reap the benifits of tax dollars paid. HUMMMM, that makes a lot of sense!

  3. Are you absolutely out of your mind? Look at our future when Scott Road is fixed and traffic is moving as desired. Those three members on council are so short sited. Think about all of our citizens who drive to Murrieta to shop or to Perris or to Hemet. A huge amount of lost revenue for our City. Think of all the projects we could move forward on. We need Walmart. We need the tax dollars. We need the jobs.

  4. I don't see any problem with it as long as the city uses half of the money for police to ensure the wrong element is not created. The only concern I have is will Wal-Mart be willing to use the E-verify program, and if not then they should not be allowed to build.

  5. No, on Walmart. I prefer Super Targets!

  6. I live off Scott Road and I DON'T want Walmart here. It doesn't create jobs, it makes all the other businesses go out of business. You have Walmart then Target won't survive and neither will the little businesses. Not to mention the traffic. How can you not see this people, OPEN your eyes. Walmart brings in scum!! PLEASE NO WALMART!!!!

  7. What do you mean it will bring our home value down??? I did the research and nothing negative about housing came up. I dont know where you get your info. Temecula and Murrieta stores have not brought any value down, it actually attracts more people on the market to buy a home. Finally think about the our senior citizens, they have a much tighter budget than us working guys. Yes there is Target but it does not have low prices.

  8. I expect the vote to be a slam-dunk and don’t understand why the city must spend the money for the ballot measure.

    I live within a stone’s throw (light stone, strong arm) of the site and have no concerns about any supposed crime that will accompany the store. I’m not aware of increased crime in the area of the Murrieta facility and don’t understand why anyone would expect it to be different here.

    The argument that other WalMarts exist around us ignores the financial benefit to the city of having tax dollars flow to Menifee.

    The store will help relieve the growing congestion at Newport and I-215 by providing another shopping opportunity. I can understand why the people who have an interest in Countryside Marketplace would not want the WalMart, but we consumers and voters will approve it.

  9. “A huge amount of lost revenue for our City.”

    “So we should turn down a Walmart in Menifee, in a down economy, and see it go to another city that will reap the benifits of tax dollars paid”

    How much revenue does Walmart bring? I keep hearing this, but I have yet to see an amount.

    How much revenue does Walmart take away from existing revenues sources already in place? How much revenue does Walmart take away from our police department with extra presence needed? How much revenue does Walmart take away due to increased traffic?

    Please, someone present some facts. Not just talk.

  10. Walmart is a cheaper place to shop, many people in Menifee and surrounding places go to Walmart to get the stuff they need everyday. target is nice and all but it is too expensive. Why on earth are there two targets in the same city anyway? who cares if one goes out of business, we need choices. for the crime rates, the criminals in the city are going to be here weather or not Walmart is here, i doubt that people sit around in a group and have a discussion on how they can be more of a criminal just because of a Walmart. So get over your selves, we need a Walmart.

  11. I would like to say this..... Although Wal-Mart would bring in jobs and money we need to look at the other cities who have already let them in their cities. Did it improve or decline the area. I asked some of my friends who live in cities with Wal-Marts in them. Is it better for you now that Wal-Mart has opened in your city?(Hemet,Murrieta,Temecula) The overwhelming response was it was a bad thing for them. Because it brought in trashy people and crime. What they all told me was that the jobs it created was minimum wage jobs. Although there is nothing wrong with minimum wage jobs, these are people who are the working poor. They are the working welfare. I found out that most of the employees working there are still on welfare. Why you ask......well because Wal-Mart keeps there cost lower than other stores because they don't give there employees raises. They keep there employees at minimum wage. They hire people from the welfare system on purpose, so they get a tax credit from the state. I say "NO" to a Wal-Mart in our area for the simple reason it brings in people on welfare. Which in a long run will cost us money not make us money.

  12. More jobs? what about the people that get laid off at Target or other businesses, because people want to buy cheap China crap from Walmart. Wait..... they can get a job at Walmart and get on public assistance. Good solution.

  13. WalMart is a small business killing machine. A lot of the little shops in Sun City core area will go out of business if WalMart moves in. Go ask em what they think as shop owners.

    FACT: WalMart does attract criminal elements. When going to Home Depot I see the one in Murrieta often has police searching a car or taking a police report over fraud, vandalism and other crimes. Have you ever been to the one in Hemet? I went there once after moving to Menifee and after the 2nd panhandler came up to me on my way in and out of the store I made the choice to not go back. You want this for Menifee? Really? Read the papers and/or police websites for the info, ask a cop - its true.

    Menifee would be better off waiting until Scott Road is widened properly. With the new shopping center under construction at Scott and Haun, the widening of the 215 freeway about to start & the new Hospital about to open, you are going to see a world of traffic hell at the Scott Road off ramp seldom seen anywhere in a suburban town. Mark My Word folks, its true.

    Add WalMart to the mix and what you will have is a WalMart no one can get to so the same people will drive to the other ones to save a headache and wasted fuel costs while sitting in traffic.

    What I find funny is that some of the same people who are freaking out about a courthouse (and/or parolee center) that will be full of cops; are all good with WalMart moving into Menifee.

    Where do you think Parolee's shop? Think they shop at Macy's, Bed Bath and Beyond and Henry's Marketplace??
    I don't think so!

    Parolees and criminals have no money because they can get hired for a good job so they shop at places like WalMart. Not everyone going to WalMart is bad, that is a fact as well, however you have a much higher level of criminal types at a discount store like that that at a more upscale place. Even if you choose to ignore that its true, it is still the truth.

    I hope Menifee Residents choose to leave WalMart out of the future and focus on getting REAL tax dollar generating stuff like car dealers and specialty retail shops.

  14. Folks - Do your research.
    WalMart does not provide any Full Time jobs.
    WalMart will increase traffic.
    WalMart will increase crime.
    WalMart will decrease your home values.
    WalMart will bring in some tax revenue to the city.
    The benefits do not outweigh the negative.
    Go ahead and vote for your WalMart and then in a few years, look back at this post and you will be shaking your head and saying "That person was right".

    Irvine, CA is the safest city in America. Irvine city council and citizens will NOT allow a WalMart to be built within the city. Humm! Think people.

    The traffic already sucks in that area and now they want to add additional traffic and motorhomes pulling in and out of there.
    I will never shop at WalMart because they treat senior citizens employees like crap. Walmart also does not hire people on a full time basis so they don't have to pay for insurance benefits. That's why they hire primarily senior citizens.
    Go to Walmart watch.com and check out all the complaints.

  16. I agree that Wal-Mart will make traffic crazy, but bringing home values down? Increasing crime rates? Come on! Wal-Mart isn't that bad. It may take some business away from the mall, but that and traffic concerns are the main concerns. I don't really care if Wal-Mart comes or not, but get the facts straight! And for the comments of selling China products, they sell the same products that Target sells.

  17. A parolee center does not mean they will live in the area but will travel thru. Most travel from Hemet and surrounding area to Moreno Valley at this time. They take the bus or borrow a car. Lets face it they go thru the neighborhoods any way. Wal Mart is trash but we go to one on occasion for some items. I dont like Wal Mart try to avoid it at all cost but at least once a month I find myself in one might as well be one in my neighborhood.

  18. I really dont think the crime rate would go up in Menifee because of a walmart. Why would the scum of the earth come to shop at our walmart in menifee when they all have one down the street from their own homes? There is a walmart in Temecula off highway 79 and murrieta hot springs and you dont see those places turning into the slums. I really dont know what to say. I guess we wont really know how it will play out until its here. By the way...... I dont think walmart is all that great priced anymore.

  19. I think the traffic issue is overstated. First, the planned Scott Road bridge replacement will eliminate the congestion, and it’s scheduled to be in place shortly after the store would open. Second, if traffic truly is bad before the bridge is completed, who would be willing to make a special trip to the store and experience delays? Certainly someone who has a choice about when to shop will choose a time other than the busiest periods. Most likely, the people who do shop then will be those who are already passing the store for some reason (e.g., commuting). Those shoppers won’t increase the overall traffic. Third, the planned connection to Keller Road will provide a route that bypasses the current bridge for those who want to travel east-west on Scott Road.

  20. All I know is our families experience....my nephew and his wife work for Walmart and have just bought their first home, and have many benefits..they are NOT on minimum wage either.....
    as far as the China complaint..really now...try to find anything that is not made overseas at any store..USA made products are few...Target has loads of Chinese and overseas made goods..as well as all the big box home stores....
    as far as the criminal charge...tell that to Lindsay Lohan...she only shoplifts at high end shops.

  21. @Anonymous 7:56PM, I don't know where you get the idea that Scott Rd bridge will be widened shortly after Wal-Mart opens. That's just plain wrong. Wal-Mart is currently planning to open Sep 2013 (2 1/2 years from now). Don Allison, the city's chief engineer said during the city council meeting that we're still another 4-5 years out from getting both funding and the actual work being done, and there's still no schedule on when the work might actually begin.

    Carmen Cave, the city's planning director, said that when Wal-Mart opens, the four off and on ramps at Scott & 215 will be in total traffic failure, even with the improvements that Wal-Mart is suggesting.

  22. Thanks Steve for reminding everyone that the improvements will not be anywhere in sight to be completed. And trying to avoid going to Walmart during busy hours is a farce unless you're willing to go there after 8PM since as I understand, it's planning to be a 24 hr store. Scott / Haan rd. will be a nightmare when you include commuters, people going to Walmart, and the other developments now in construction or in planning. By the way it's hard to be convinced that there will not be issues near a store open 24 hours...

  23. Wal-Mart coming to Menifee is a no brainer, especially if its going to go up for ballot. With gas on the rise once again people don't want to drive to Murietta to shop. Admit it folks, Menifee is growing and will only continue to grow.

  24. To think that traffic is not going to be an issue is an ignorant statement, witch if memory servers were the same statement made when they were building the Menifee market place. Well if you haven’t noticed Haan and Newport is a bigger nightmare then it was before.

  25. Why is no-one talking about the WAY Walmart wants to come to Menifee? Whether in favor of Walmart or not, surely no sensible person can agree that Walmart should be allowed to ride roughshod over the planning, traffic and other environmental requirements our City Council has put in place to protect us. And that's exactly what we're allowing Walmart to do if we vote for them in this ballot.

    Why did they abruptly pull out of discussions with the Planning Dept? There can be only one explanation: simply because they don't have to honor any of their prior commitments if they go the ballot route. So they can go ahead and ignore all their promises to be "good corporate citizens"; they can get the store open on the cheap, ignore the traffic chaos they will create, forget about paving roads, erecting traffic lights and all the other stuff that decent, caring, socially-conscious Companies do in order to show their concern for the community.

    Walmart have offered no other explanation. That's because there isn't one. They won't even pay for the ballot they've caused!

    What does a vote for Walmart tell all the other disreputable companies lurking around the corner who are just waiting to see the outcome of this one? Simply to do the same thing. Don't bother going to the City for approval. The residents are so stupid that they'll let you do whatever you want, however you want, without any controls or supervision. And they'll be right!

    C'mon Menifee! Are we really that stupid and short-sighted??

  26. Please NO WALMART in Menifee.

    I am not going to list every website and national crime statistics here. You can research these yourself if you actually want to verify it.

  28. This senior citizen would rather spend a little more and go to Target or small businesses here rather than buy "only made in China" at Walmart. We have enough trouble anymore finding anything made in the USA but Walmart buys exclusively from China. And I might mention we only live on Social Security in case anyone decides to accuse us of having money. NO on Walmart!

  29. This senior citizen/Social Security recipient says if you’re shopping at Target, you’re simply paying more for the same Chinese goods that WalMart sells! ALL stores sell goods made elsewhere and Target’s product line is similar to WalMart’s. It appears to me, though, that WalMart offers more product choices than Target.

    WalMart is a tough competitor and has simply become more efficient at what it does than any other chain. I see no reason to punish its success. I say bring it here so I can benefit from its lower prices.

  30. WalMart is a tough competitor and has simply become more efficient at what it does than any other chain. I see no reason to punish its success. I say bring it here so I can benefit from its lower prices.

    The reason WalMart appears to be more efficient is because they pay the employees less and do not provide them with benefits. My daughter worked for WalMart for a very short period of time and the