Teams gearing up for RELAY FOR LIFE on April 9th-10th

No dark clouds are going to spoil THIS day of giving & caring at the Menifee RELAY FOR LIFE wh...

No dark clouds are going to spoil THIS day of giving & caring at the Menifee RELAY FOR LIFE which starts tomorrow, Saturday April 9th at 9:00 am and ends Sunday April 10th at 9:00 am, on the football field at Paloma Valley High School.

I talked with Paula Vigorito today (the online chairperson and captain of "Team Kelli" - so named after her daughter Kelli's battle that was won against Hodgkin's Lymphoma in 2007). Besides giving me the current numbers, which blew me away, Paula told me that with the huge growth that the Menifee Relay has experienced in this short period of time, "We are really making our mark in the Relay World."

How true that must be. I remember well the night of the first Menifee Relay for Life back in 2006. At midnight the only person I saw on the field was a Bank of America employee named "Chauncy" .... who had fallen asleep in the middle of the track.

The Menifee Relay for life has grown this year to a whopping:

35 Teams
525 Participants

Heritage High School High has the largest group of participants - over 50 so far!

It's not too late for YOU to add to its numbers. Come visit (for free), or become a registered Relay-er.... ($10 registration fee). ALL ARE WELCOME!!

If you have never been to a Relay for Life, it is a FANTASTIC event. Full of entertainment, fun, and VERY moving at times. I think EVERYONE should experience a Relay for Life. One minute your laughing and dancing, and then 10 minutes later you are looking for the nearest box of Kleenex Tissue. A very emotional event, one that I think everyone should experience.


Event Chair - Billie Jo Williams
Event Co-Chair - Linsey Owen
Team Development - Sherian Spencer
Team Recruitment - Ruth Sharp
Publicity - Regina Keller
Online Comm - Paula Vigorito
Registration - Mike Castillejos
Registration Co - Lara Hoffman
Survivorship - Jennafer Griswold
Entertainment - Erin Lozano
Entertainment Co - Kelli Vigorito
Entertainment Co - Jessica Johnson
Luminaria - Kristen Wilson
Sponsorship - Jackie Seevers
Sponsorship - Debbie Ortega
Fight Back - Ami Ray
Logistics - Darrell McCoy
Logistics Co-Chair - Weston Dunn
Kids Camp - Diane Forster
Food Chair - Suzin Armstrong
Food Co-Chair - Maria Buccieri
ACS RFL Manager - Cathi Hill
ACS Area Volunteer Rep - Samantha McCoy

Here is the link to the Menifee Relay for Life website:

(pictured above are members from Team Revival and Team Purple, raising funds on the corner of Newport & Haun Rd.)


Relay for Life 1211394748717068607

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