MSJC Budget Cuts Will Hurt Students

Recently, there has been a lot of talk from teachers about the budget cuts that will directly affect...

mt san jacinto college menifeeRecently, there has been a lot of talk from teachers about the budget cuts that will directly affect students at Mt. San Jacinto College. The campus will be taking a $5 million budget cut and due to this, they will be getting rid of 500 classes in total, including those from San Jacinto, Temecula, Beaumont/Banning and Redlands as well.

Not only will classes be cut, but the fees will be going up from $26 a unit to $36 a unit. There will be summer classes offered, but they will be remedial classes.

For myself, I only have five classes left until I transfer. I am concerned that my education will be pushed farther than it has been. The unit fee is not a problem; Mt. San Jacinto continues to be the lowest unit fee community college in the United States. The college should have the unit fees somewhere in the $60 range so it can keep more classes open without drastic course cuts. However, this is not so and even if it were most people who attend Mt. San Jacinto have a California Grant that pays the unit fees. I find it truly amazing that Governors always cut education first, when they should be cutting elsewhere.

So what do these cuts mean for the student? If you have not already guessed, students will have an even harder time getting into the classes they need. This will push their education back; if not even discourage students from continuing their education. Students can only take so much with course cuts before they feel discouraged and give up; not to mention the book fees these students are already paying for courses they may not even need.

It is very unfortunate that education is always the first to get cut. The only advice I have is if you feel the slightest bit of discouragement, continue to finish your education. The budget cuts will get worse in the coming years and coming back to college may be the hardest route. Keep up the hard work and tread through the dark, you will be surprised what you can accomplish if you set your mind to it. Education is important, and the cuts will eventually let up but only time will tell when.


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  1. The problem I have with all this belly aching about the funding is the fact that no one ever talks about cutting the cost of doing business in the first place. It is always the same song; "give us more money".

    If I had the power I bet I could reduce overhead costs at MSJC by 25 % without breaking a sweat.

  2. I agree. Costs of classes should be at or around $60. This way the school doesn't need to be funded as much from the government and so the students who just want to waste time will be weeded out. I think if the state made a student's GPA a requirement to receive these grants and not just how much they earn a year, the grants could go to people who actually deserve them rather than cheap a$$e$ who just don't want to pay.

  3. There are people who can't afford much of anything at all due to a variety of circumstances, to call people cheap asses without thinking makes you a dumb ass. There are people who mess around, but there are also serious students that do not have luxuries handed to them either. Also, this issue should not compromise the students, something needs to be done about the government itself as it is absurd to cut the budgets and raise tuition otherwise we can count on continuing to pay up.