Power Outage in Menifee Coming Up

I received a notice from Southern California Edison that a power outage lasting as long as seven hours will occur in Menifee, in my neighborhood, on February 16th, from 8:00am to 3:00pm.

power outage menifee notice

The notice says...

"Upgrading aging infrastructure or completing other repairs to make needed improvements."

Curious to know who else got a notice, and if yours is scheduled for the same date and time.


  1. I live near the college area and they did the upgrade here a few months ago. We prepared with coolers and ice to store the frequently used items just so we wouldn't have to open the fridge door. We were expecting the lights to go out 8am on the dot but it didn't happen until after noon and the outage lasted less than an hour. I had plenty of ice for cold drinks afterward though.

  2. we had the same thing last year...in the spring, I think...guess their doing upgrading in sections....we got ice for the fridge and freezer....and it wasn't as long as they stated either..only about 3 hours or so.

  3. At least you got a notice. Last summer SCE shut off our power on a Sunday afternoon and it lasted until about 1 AM. They said it was "emergency maintenance" but I think it was a crew looking for a little OT. My dad worked for SCE for 35 years as a lineman and when I explained what they were doing he said it could have waited until the next day.

  4. I got similar notice. For me, it is tomorrow, 9 Feb, 8:30 to 3:30. Except for details in upper left, card was identical to yours.

  5. I got the same notice as Rich for Feb 9 and I changed my plans to prepare for it and the power was never shut off.