Menifee Police Saturation Patrol Nets Seven Arrests

Last night the Menifee Police Department ran a "saturation patrol" from 6:00pm to 3:00am within the City of Menifee. Saturation patrols are not DUI Checkpoints, but where officers patrol through the city looking for people suspected of driving under the influence.

The total statistics of the saturation patrol are as follows...

64 Vehicle stops
27 Field sobriety tests administered
5 Motorists arrested for DUI
1 Felony narcotic possession arrest
1 Arrest for drunk in public
6 Citations issued for unlicensed drivers
1 Citations issued for suspended license
10 Vehicles towed
1 Citation issued for moving vehicle violation


  1. EXELLENT WORK. The problem is our legal system will allow them to continue to drive.
    My personal belief is that the first time you are arrested for DUI, you should lose your license for a minimum of 5 years and serve 1 year in prison.
    Until our legal system incorporates punishment that is more harsh as in other countries, our crime will continue to increase.
    Ex. Commit Rape - Castrastion, Commit Murder - Execution Immediately (Not 20 years later).

  2. Waste of time. Oh well at east the Menifee police aren't bothering people ALL the time for no good reason like The Canyon Lake police...I have been pulled over many times for NOTHING...and let go with no explanation or ticket...NOTHING!!!

  3. Menifee Police and Canyon Lake Police are the same, they are both patroled by Riverside Sheriffs.