CR&R Trucks Tearing Up Menifee's Roads

"I'm just pouring my first cup of coffee at 5:30am, and there's already trucks making noise along Murrieta Rd".

That was the sentiment of Mark Cooper, chairman of the Menifee Citizens Advisory Committee (MCAC) last night at the meeting. The committee, which meets the first Monday of each month, discussed what could be done about an increasing number of trucks driving through the city at odd hours of day, through residential streets, and making too much noise.

"And what about Scott Rd? That road is about to become a disaster!", voiced Marty Rosen, another committee member.

The issue was originally presented by Cooper, who lives by Murrieta Rd in the northern part of Menifee. He pointed his finger at CR&R, a trash company that services Lake Elsinore, Canyon Lake, and Temecula, for making Goetz Rd and Murrieta Rd a beaten path to their dump yard in Perris.

"I understand our trash contractor is Waste Management, so I don't have a problem with them", explained Cooper. "But CR&R is not, and yet they're driving through our town, tearing up our roads and making noise early in the morning."

"And how much does it cost Menifee to have to repair those roads?" asked Nan Miller, another committee member.

Menifee Citizens Advisory Committee, Jan 3, 2011

The discussion ultimately centered around establishing truck routes through the city, or perhaps more appropriately, which roads should trucks be prevented from using and/or which hours they shouldn't be driving along them. It wasn't clear that the city had any established truck routes, or how to go about creating them.

The committee turned their attention to Rob Johnson, the senior management analyst for City of Menifee, who is also the liaison between the committee and the city's staff, for assistance.

"Truck routes would be part of the General Plan" explained Johnson. "And so far GPAC has only studied the land-use portion of the General Plan."

GPAC is the General Plan Advisory Committee who was tasked to evaluate the General Plan that the City of Menifee inherited from the County. But so far, GPAC has only studied the land-use portion of the plan, and not any other facets.

"We don't really know if the City has any truck routes" Johnson continued. "If we do, they're not being enforced."

At this point, the remaining action item is for Johnson to present the committee's concerns to the City Engineer. But the committee holds no authority to direct the City, only to voice concerns. It'll be up to the City Engineer to decide how to proceed.


  1. it not brain science charge toll from halling trash threw our town or they can find a nother way around or they can pay for the as falt and the man power to fill i the pot holes in our streets's
    by paying a trash toll our remove our trash for us for free and will take that money saved and fix our streets re a win win

  2. Charge a Fee for all Oversized vehicles using the streets of Menifee , Have a certain hour of operation , after 7am - done by 5pm . Research why Menifee pays more for trash service then other local cities , but we get less service , bi-weekly gray recycle pickup ? Where other cities have weekly pickup .

  3. Try listening to these trucks along with other drivers speeding down Holland road coming out of Canyon Hills to use our schools, businesses, and getting to the freeway, some at over 60 MPH on a 35 MPH rolling hill roadway with horses/people walking down it. I have made numerous complaints to the police and the city and what did the city do, they put up signs stating 'Hills Block View', oh that will save lives, NOT!!! These are blind hills for the most part and streets/driveways dumping onto Holland at the bottom of these 'blind hills'. I have reported numerous school buses speeding down this road as well, do they not care for the kids on board as well as the people walking/biking down the road?


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