Antelope Road Has Re-Opened, but Construction Is Still Planned

You've noticed that Antelope Rd has re-opened between Holland and Garbani, but the construction is no where near finished. The city re-opened the road because it was going to take a long time to dry out.

Here's a message from Matt Simonetti, the city engineer in charge of the project...

The trenches became saturated to the point that drying them out was not a viable option because it would have kept the road closed for a longer period of time. It was unfortunate that we encountered the series of storms that we did after the construction began which turned the planned 6 day closure into 3.5 weeks.

In order to expedite the opening of the road, the contractor removed the top 6” of saturated soil and replaced it with road base which allowed the first lift of asphalt paving to go in. The construction is only in its early stages. The next phase is to completely remove and replace the existing pavement in front Christensen Ranch.

The traffic control will occur in two stages...

Stage 1 will place the traffic on the west side of Antelope Road, and
Stage 2 will shift traffic to the east side of Antelope Road.

The final asphalt will be constructed once the base lift of asphalt paving is complete.

The rough road you see out there now is only an interim stage of the construction. A smooth road and traffic signal at Craig and Antelope will be the final product.


  1. Ugh! A traffic signal at Craig and Antelope? Who had that terrible idea? Grumble, grumble.

  2. The traffic signal needs to be at Garbani and Craig-someone is going to get killed there if something isn't done.

  3. Garbani & Craig do not intersect...

  4. Garbani and Antelope is where the signal should be. People pull onto Antelope off of Garbani going soooo slow and Antelope is 55mph. Who made this stupid decision anyways? Putting a light at Craig is so unecessary. It's an easy turn in any direction.