Man Living the "High Life" in Van at Mt. San Jacinto College

Now this is NOT something you see every day. Maybe not even in a lifetime?

Eric Gosch, an owner of Gosch Auto Group, is currently living in a Van suspended 100 feet high in the air in our Mt. San Jacinto Campus parking lot. Sales Consultant Jon Campbell (a really nice guy, and a total hottie) told me that Mr. Gosch has been living up in the van since Thursday and has vowed to stay up there for FOUR FULL DAYS, or until his sales force sells 120 cars.

Upon further inquiry I was informed that Mr. Gosch's posh accomodations include his computer, a mattress, and a t.v. His meals and other necessities are pullied up to him via a bucket.

For this 4-day event, Gosh Auto Group is offering great deals on over 200 pre-owned vehicles, and has on-site financing for interested buyers. They will be open from 9am to 9pm from now until Sunday.

Menifee Independence Day Parade, 2010

The following announcement is from Marcy Riehm, regarding the Menifee Independence Day Parade...

The Menifee Independence Day Parade for 2010 takes place on Saturday, June 26th. It runs from Mt San Jacinto College and ends at Wheatfield Park.

The Lake Menifee Womens Club, who organizes the parade, is calling for groups, clubs, businesses, and anyone else to participate in the parade.

They'd love to get classic cars, dance groups, Boy/Girl Scout Troops, sports teams, golf carts, horses, and whatever else the community can throw at them.

Parade participants are not required to complete an application, however they need to confirm with the parade chairperson Marcy Riehm by either email or by phone prior to the event for placement in the line up.

Contact Info: Marcy Riehm "Lake Menifee Women's Club" Parade Chairperson 2010
Email :
Phone : (951) 377-6089

**We still have availability for those looking to rent a booth space at this year’s Event. If you own a business and would like to display your goods you can contact our Vendor Chairperson "Gloria Hetland" @ (951) 672-7277 for more information. Sorry we are not accepting any more Food Booth applications at this time.

Beer Hunter opens Wednesday in Menifee!

The highly anticipated opening of the Beer Hunter at the Menifee Town Center is finally here, as Wednesday they open their doors to the public.

I was fortunate enough to be invited to the "Friends and Family Night" last Friday, where each guest was given one of two (or 3?) mini menus, which allowed us to choose between two appetizers and 6 different dinners.

Friday night the place was packed, over 30 flat screen televisions were set to various sports channels, and there was a definite excitement in the air, on this night which appeared to be a "trial by fire" on the staff. (See pictures)

I sat at the bar and was served by the cutest, sweetest, most adorable bartender ever to be found.... Marci. (Even though I'm partial because she IS my sister, this statement still holds true.) Of course my baby sister was attentive, but so were the other 2 bartenders and the young barback who continually checked to make sure I had everything I needed.

The owners and managers had everything under control, and were friendly and attentive. Even when they found out that the gal sitting next to me had unintentionally crashed the party, they allowed her to stay and enjoy a cold beer and the fun atmosphere.

From what I experienced overall, everything went quite smooth, but then again I didn't get a chance to peek in at the craziness in the kitchen. What I did see is what looks like over 20 different beers on tap, and 99 bottles of beer on the wall. The Beer Hunter offers a full menu, and although denied the chance to try a little of everything, I settled on hot wings as an appetizer (excellent) and the Baby Back ribs (tender and tasty). Can you say "YUM MY!"

The Beer Hunter is everything we Menifites were hoping for.... and maybe even more.

Looking into my crystal ball.... it will be the hottest spot in Menifee for QUITE a while!

Bees are swarming --- keep a look out!

Today I was surprised to find over 20 bees hovering in a corner storage space in my garage, and my mom said, "Oh oh... you've got a bee swarm in your garage!"

I quickly shut all doors on my garage and started googling "how to get rid of bees".

Thinking I had a new hive with its queen, I first tried to find a beekeeper who would remove the hive for free. Apparently there is a shortage of bees in California and there are beekeepers who would do this. The only man I found was from Fallbrook, who told me I would have to be on a 4 month long waiting list.

Back to the computer to google "how to get rid of bees". This was the most interesting article I found: So, arming myself with a
bucket of soapy water, I snuck back into my garage, only to find most of the bees bumping into my garage door windows trying to get out, and no more buzzing around my corner storage space. I quickly lifted the garage door and most of them flew out. I then closed the door and went back inside my garage and squirted the few that remained with soapy water. Voila.... no more bees.

The feeling of victory quickly faded when my mother ran from her house next door declaring, "The bees are swarming in my shed". Over at her shed we saw easily 30 bees swarming around inside. One of the inside windows with a screen was open so we shut all the bees inside, and as they came to the screen I squirted them with the soapy water. Then my father, cloaked head to tow, went inside and used a leaf blower to blow the rest of the bees out, and then sucked the other bees out from the window area with a vacuum. We've closed the doors again, and if any more come to the window, we'll squirt them.

Thank goodness we weren't dealing with a real swarm... only scout bees looking for a new home for their new queen bee.

Basically a swarm happens when an active beehive is too big and the hive needs to be divided. A new queen bee is made, and then scout bees go out looking for the new home for the new hive. Once a suitable location is found the bees swarm to the new location.

Soooo.... after 2 failed attempts at our houses, be aware that there are scout bees out looking for a new home for their new queen in the area of Holland and Menifee Rd. My garage and my parents shed went from zero to 30 bees in just a few hours. Had we not stopped them, one of us could have been looking at the invasion of a swarm of bees at our home within a few days or possibly... a few hours. A real interesting article can be found here:

Seeing this all happen so quickly was what amazed me. I would encourage everyone in the area to keep your garages and sheds closed, and look for other potential areas in and around your home that could potentially be a home for a new hive (like a hole a wall or a tree) and close it up.

Unless you want to start a honey business.