Man Living the "High Life" in Van at Mt. San Jacinto College

Now this is NOT something you see every day. Maybe not even in a lifetime?

Eric Gosch, an owner of Gosch Auto Group, is currently living in a Van suspended 100 feet high in the air in our Mt. San Jacinto Campus parking lot. Sales Consultant Jon Campbell (a really nice guy, and a total hottie) told me that Mr. Gosch has been living up in the van since Thursday and has vowed to stay up there for FOUR FULL DAYS, or until his sales force sells 120 cars.

Upon further inquiry I was informed that Mr. Gosch's posh accomodations include his computer, a mattress, and a t.v. His meals and other necessities are pullied up to him via a bucket.

For this 4-day event, Gosh Auto Group is offering great deals on over 200 pre-owned vehicles, and has on-site financing for interested buyers. They will be open from 9am to 9pm from now until Sunday.


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