Beer Hunter opens Wednesday in Menifee!

The highly anticipated opening of the Beer Hunter at the Menifee Town Center is finally here, as Wednesday they open their doors to the publ...

The highly anticipated opening of the Beer Hunter at the Menifee Town Center is finally here, as Wednesday they open their doors to the public.

I was fortunate enough to be invited to the "Friends and Family Night" last Friday, where each guest was given one of two (or 3?) mini menus, which allowed us to choose between two appetizers and 6 different dinners.

Friday night the place was packed, over 30 flat screen televisions were set to various sports channels, and there was a definite excitement in the air, on this night which appeared to be a "trial by fire" on the staff. (See pictures)

I sat at the bar and was served by the cutest, sweetest, most adorable bartender ever to be found.... Marci. (Even though I'm partial because she IS my sister, this statement still holds true.) Of course my baby sister was attentive, but so were the other 2 bartenders and the young barback who continually checked to make sure I had everything I needed.

The owners and managers had everything under control, and were friendly and attentive. Even when they found out that the gal sitting next to me had unintentionally crashed the party, they allowed her to stay and enjoy a cold beer and the fun atmosphere.

From what I experienced overall, everything went quite smooth, but then again I didn't get a chance to peek in at the craziness in the kitchen. What I did see is what looks like over 20 different beers on tap, and 99 bottles of beer on the wall. The Beer Hunter offers a full menu, and although denied the chance to try a little of everything, I settled on hot wings as an appetizer (excellent) and the Baby Back ribs (tender and tasty). Can you say "YUM MY!"

The Beer Hunter is everything we Menifites were hoping for.... and maybe even more.

Looking into my crystal ball.... it will be the hottest spot in Menifee for QUITE a while!


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  1. Went to the Beer Hunter in La Quinta a couple of months ago, loved it. My wife could not wait to eat cajun pasta again. It was very disappointing here. Bland and gummie pasta, all part of the learning process I hope. The place is awesome, great sporting venue and great beer on tap.

  2. Gosh darn it, I wish my husband hadn't posted this comment. We were lucky to be invited and I would never post anything negative about their food when they are in the training process. The place and staff were wonderful. Steve, it would be great if you could delete his post.
    Thanks, Deb

  3. The poor service at Bob's Pit Stop will make this place shine. When I go there I feel like I am lucky to be served.

  4. Just went there Thursday for some Burgers and beer in the bar. Was very nice with tasty food, a lot of TV sports going on. A little pricey for burgers and beer. Reminds me of So. O.C. prices...If the service and the food stays this way we'll be going back. Wish it was located on the East side of 215....Just glade their here.

  5. I am glad we are getting new places to go to in Menifee don't get me wrong. But when we went to the Beer Hunter we got terrible service. I think they need a lot more training before they even opened. I got my meal before my husband got his then we lost our waitress for quite some time. Great for friday night hang out if you like loud places and beer.

  6. We went on Sunday around 7pm...was not impressed. Service was terrible. It took forever to get our beverages (and it was not crowded at all). It was overpriced and the the beer was warm. Saw the employees there standing around and crowding the entrance. I was fairly disappointed. Perhaps they will read the feedback and improve. Will wait a couple of months before I go back. In the meantime if you want cold beer and fairly good prices I will go to Red Robin.

  7. Went with my family last Sunday. The service was very slow and while the food taste good, it was kind of over priced for just burgers and hot wings. I am hoping the service was slow due to the fact that the restaraunt has just opened. If so it would definitely be a cool place to hang out at during football season.

  8. Bud and Coors are $4.50 for a 14 oz. a glass. No Specials, No Happy Hour. Everybody will go once to check it out, see the prices and not return. Congratulations, they are now the most expensive place in town.

  9. Seems like a lot of complaining on here! They just opened up and the staff is still getting used to their surroundings. Give it time people! And $4.50 for a 14oz beer....what's wrong with that. It's hardly So. OC prices. Speaking of So. OC people...We're moving in and spending our $$ so stop whining and get used to it

  10. Hey folks, I happen to be up in Whitehorse, Yukon right now, and one of the bars here is charging $6.25 Canadian (which is nearly dollar for dollar with US), for a 14oz draft beer.

  11. We NOT going back anytimne soon, eventhough I live less than one mile from the Beer Hunter in Menifee...I was so excited to finally get a sports bar so close to my house--literally within walking distance.


    Crowds were very small, but thought that was because it was a Tuesday night, maybe everyone drove the 15 miles south to enjoy the ambiance and wing specials at the rival sports bar, Buffalo Wild Wings in Murrietta...

    Asked for specials, and got the reply from the Barmaid, "None Yet"

    Beer is VERY over priced at $4.50-$4.75 for a 12oz bottle or a 16oz draft...crazy.

    Food was small portioned, and very dried-out. The bread on sandwiches was stale, french fries were dried out, shrivelled and cold...

    Tab was $40 for two tasteless sandwiches and 4 beers...add the $8 tip and the total was a whoopping $48!

    We went in to watch Padres baseball, but why bother when I can watch it from home on my own HD TV with better tasting food and much cheaper beer (I can pick up the same quality beers at 1/4th the price at the Bev Mo in the same plaza!!)...

    The prices (food and especially beer) need to come down, and specials need to be added for the "locals" or even the regulars--but I will never be a regular until the place lowers its prices and increases the quality and portions of its food.

  12. lower their prices? "specials" for regulars? How can they have regulars?? They just opened. You people are crazy and I'd hate to have to serve you.

  13. Things will change if they want people to show up

  14. I just took a friend there from South Orange County. He said the bar prices are much higher than most of the places by the beach.

  15. I consistently hear complaints that there are not enough restaurants and retail businesses here. They will not come if they know the city/area is not going to support them. I think some people think that this is the 70's and everything should be $1.00. Believe it or not, these places are here to make a profit, not provide a public service. Don't frequent the establishment if you don't want to spend the money.

  16. This sounds like a Management Problem. Is she/he NOT paying attention? If not, it will cost them customers early, and those customers will NOT come back. Its really important when you open a business to get it right..right from the start. Manager should be walking around talking to his customers, watching the servers..why are they standing by the door when they have customers to wait on? Why is the food cold? Is the cook not paying attention and its NOT being picked up right away by the servers? IF the beer is expensive its bez you're paying for other things like the HDTV's on the wall. Its really critical to a new business to get it right, I would guess 1) Manager neglect 2) he hired inexperience people to serve, again Managers downfall. I wish the business Good Luck!!!

  17. Despite the variety of comments I still want to make my first trip to test the waters. The place looks amazing! I haven't spoken to a friend who got a job there for her take on it..Kris, don't worry I will be asking you on FB later..if they need more experienced help I should apply quick, the school district doesn't pay enough to be my sole paycheck these days and I am a rocking server! :) KS

  18. Went there they where way over priced then went to Spelly Pub and Grill in Murrieta ( THe old indgo Joes) FOod was great and prices also. Domectic Drafts 3 dollars and imports 4 and great happy hour 1/2 off apps and Domestic 2 and imports 3 MOnday -Friday 4-7. I think the best happy hour in town. Bunch of Tv all the sports game and great service. I will be back all the time check it out

  19. I dont know where the Menifee people drink out here. The going rate for a pint of beer in Temecula Bars prices are $4.50 to $6.oo a pint domestic draft. What price do they want in Menifee

  20. Went in on a week day. Not very busy. Service was just so so and the food was bland. Not planning on going back anytime soon.

  21. I and my 2 sisters went to Beer Hunters this past Sunday around 4:30pm. Not crowded. My sister had the chili and was not hot-I had coffee not hot and Roast beef sandwich-very good, and my other sister had the corn beef very good. The waitress came back with fresh hot coffee and hot chili! They were pleasant and apologized. I will go back. Give them a break they just opened up! We need to stop complaining and be thankful that we are able to have dinner out! Be happy! Its your choice! :)



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