Nena's Pizza & Rong's Chinese Are Gone

I guess you can call me "late for dinner". I just found out that Nena's Pizza and Rong's Chinese Restaurant are closed up for good. At least, their original locations in the Sun City Shopping Center are gone.

I never went to Nena's Pizza, but I guess that means I won't be getting those tiny little pizza boxes on my driveway anymore.

As for Rong's, I've eaten there a few times, and everytime I was there it was awful. Not sure why I kept going back. But then again, I've yet to find any chinese restaurant in SW Riverside County that I could consider "great", except for Dragon House in MoVal, and that includes PF Chang's.


  1. Nena's is in Lake Elsinore.

  2. It was awful because you ordered the Rong thing.

  3. Ha ha! I used to tell my wife that their food was all Rong!