Wal-Mart Petitions in Front of Target

Over the weekend, solicitors with petitions have been approaching customers at both entrances of ...

Over the weekend, solicitors with petitions have been approaching customers at both entrances of the Super Target in the Countryside Marketplace with petitions. They claim that these petitions are to get the measure on the ballot to allow Wal-Mart to build one year earlier, having the store open in 2013. The are also claiming that this will allow Wal-Mart to provide "badly needed jobs to Menifee, as many as 3000 full-time regular jobs." Another claim made was that "the Menifee City Council has already fully approved Wal-Mart building a store in Menifee on Scott and Haun Roads, this will just speed up the process."

The solicitors have been met with some resistance by members of the community, the Target management, and have been asked to leave the premises by the Menifee Police numerous times, only to return. The solicitor I spoke with vowed to keep returning until they receive enough signatures to place the measure on the ballot. I also spoke with a member of management from Target, and she informed me that Target Management, Menifee Police and the Mayor of Menifee are working together to remove these solicitors and have a meeting today to discuss thier continued presence in front of Target. The management member also informed me that Target is keeping a list of customers who are complaining about the solicitors, and will be turning that list over to thier Asset Protection Department, as well as the Menifee Police, to discourage this activity.

It is important to note that on my three visits to the center, spanning Sunday, Monday and Tuesday, I saw these solicitors only in front of Target, and not any other establishment in the Countryside Marketplace.

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