Wal-Mart Petitions in Front of Target

Over the weekend, solicitors with petitions have been approaching customers at both entrances of ...

Over the weekend, solicitors with petitions have been approaching customers at both entrances of the Super Target in the Countryside Marketplace with petitions. They claim that these petitions are to get the measure on the ballot to allow Wal-Mart to build one year earlier, having the store open in 2013. The are also claiming that this will allow Wal-Mart to provide "badly needed jobs to Menifee, as many as 3000 full-time regular jobs." Another claim made was that "the Menifee City Council has already fully approved Wal-Mart building a store in Menifee on Scott and Haun Roads, this will just speed up the process."

The solicitors have been met with some resistance by members of the community, the Target management, and have been asked to leave the premises by the Menifee Police numerous times, only to return. The solicitor I spoke with vowed to keep returning until they receive enough signatures to place the measure on the ballot. I also spoke with a member of management from Target, and she informed me that Target Management, Menifee Police and the Mayor of Menifee are working together to remove these solicitors and have a meeting today to discuss thier continued presence in front of Target. The management member also informed me that Target is keeping a list of customers who are complaining about the solicitors, and will be turning that list over to thier Asset Protection Department, as well as the Menifee Police, to discourage this activity.

It is important to note that on my three visits to the center, spanning Sunday, Monday and Tuesday, I saw these solicitors only in front of Target, and not any other establishment in the Countryside Marketplace.

For more information, click the link below to read other articles posted here on Menifee 24/7 regarding Wal-Mart. http//www.menifee247.com/search?q=Wal+Mart&x=18&y=18


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  1. there in front of Target because thats who they want to steal the business from........

  2. Usual Wal-Mart tactics. Sleazy company.

  3. Just to clarify on this issue...

    Wal-Mart already received the green light from the city planning commission to build. What happened is that an environmental group is blocking them from moving forward. Wal-Mart could spend its billions to fight it, but it's going to instead try to get a voter approval, which will circumvent the environmentalists. But, a vote will cost the city $40,000.

    So what do you think?

    DO we taxpayers foot the bill to get a Wal-Mart? Or do we force Wal-Mart to use its own money to fight off environmentalists?

  4. Maybe the solicitors got the message. This afternoon they were in front of The Dollar Store. Or were they in front of Target as well? At any rate, WalMart has plenty of money to spend on this issue, and the city does not! My brother lives in Bentonville, Arkansas, home of WalMart headquarters. So we have seen what jobs (and havoc) WalMart can bring to a community. Signer beware!

  5. WalMart won approval and withdrew their application. They can build but don't want to deal with a unorganized city of 2 years. The people will have the final say. Are you afraid of the will of the people? Sounds like it.

  6. I guess some folks still do not understand the state initiative process. Not surprising some folks DO NOT VOTE ? These so called ( solicitors) are Petitioners. Protected by state law and article 4 of our state constitution. The state penal code for trespass 602.1 subsection(c) prohibits peace officers or store managers from trespassing citizens who are registering voters and gathering signatures on city county or state initiatives for the ballot. Petitioners have gathered signatures on many controversial initiatives such as prop 19 legalize marijuana, prop 8 marriage. prop 187 illegal immigration, tribal casinos, parental notification for teen abortion and many others these prop signatures were gathered at every target, wal mart, shopping mall, grocery store, and many other places where towns gather. It truly surprises me that the Mayor, Riverside county sherrifs and target corporation does not know this ???? Worries me to hear that they are working in colusion to stop free speech. I salute these petitioners they are patriots not criminals. They register voters and keep the community informed on political issues.

  7. The solicitors were quite rude when I let them know we do not need a Wal-Mart in Menifee.

    A Wal-Mart in Menifee will take a considerable amount of business away from Target!

    Is this how the Menifee community will thank Target for being here for us all these years?

    Target has been here along time, when Wal-Mart would not even consider us as a location for a store since we did not have a large enough population to make it worth it for Wal-Mart.

    I do not work for Target and I do not have stock in the company, I am simply a loyal Target shopper to a retailer that has served Menifee for many years when Wal-Mart would not.

    The following sites offer some interesting insights to this retail giant:



  8. To December 1, 7:36 AM: I agree with your assessment. It’s strange that the mayor and law enforcement would not be aware of the fact that signature-gathering is not illegal in front of an establishment.

    To December 1, 7:49 AM: I think it’s reasonable to be loyal to a spouse, one’s country or even a pet. But to a retailer? Sorry. I have no such loyalties. If another store gives me more for my money, I’ll shop there. I suspect most people will do the same.

    It sounds like you want to punish WalMart for not having a presence here. Do you plan to also punish the new restaurants by only eating in those that have been here for a long time?

    I live in the vicinity of Scott and Haun and will sign the petition. The only major concern I see is the timing of the opening, not the existence of the store. The opening date can be adjusted, but I see no need to artificially delay site construction.

    No one should be surprised if WalMart offers to pick up the $40,000 tab…

  9. I hope a WalMart does not open in your back yard!
    Again, I say, there are 3 WalMarts within 10 miles of Sun City! Lake Elsinore, Perris & Hemet! Too many now! Cheap labor jobs! Probably zero new hires. Please do not let WalMart strangle our local small businesses with cheap China toxic products. Please, just say NO!

  10. I want cheaper products and cheaper food. People who don't want walmart are elitists. They are the ones who aren't on a fixed income but rather have nice luxury vehicles or SUVs and want to tell me to buy at Target or expensive grocery stores. I know many Seniors who RELY on WalMart's cheap prices for their prescription drugs and food. YES Walmart led the way in driving lower prescription drug prices. Other stores followed. They are the consumers best friend. And they allow the Boy Scouts, Girl Scouts and Salvation Army to do their charity work in front of their stores. Target TARGETS your freedoms.

  11. To Virginia who wrote:

    “… Again, I say, there are 3 WalMarts within 10 miles of Sun City! Lake Elsinore, Perris & Hemet! Too many now! …“

    I don’t want to drive out of my neighborhood to shop! And I certainly don’t see any reason to have the tax revenue from my purchases benefit another jurisdiction.

    The proposed location will draw many customers from the Murrieta communities to the south and people who don’t live in Menifee but are traveling on I-215. The tax benefits from all those customers will accrue to Menifee.

    “…Cheap labor jobs! Probably zero new hires. …”

    Keeping labor costs down helps reduce prices and allows us to keep more money in our pockets. No arms are twisted to force people to take WalMart jobs. I see no reason for WalMart to pay more when people are ready and willing to work at its current wage rates.

    “… Please do not let WalMart strangle our local small businesses with cheap China toxic products. …”

    Please check your stores and let us know which ones DON’T stock Chinese products.

  12. all stores now stock Chinese and Indian imports..try to find ANY American made items, you will find very little or none...Target is as guilty as any other store...also, Walmart pays good wages..my nephew and his wife work for Walmart and have bought their first house..have medical benefits, 401K, etc. all through Walmart...

  13. I was at the bank in the Ralphs shopping center. There was a guy asking for signatures for the Super Walmart. He wasn't rude or anything like that. While I was waiting for my turn I heard shouting outside. Not by him by someone yelling at him, saying "you have no right to be here, I'm going to talk to the manager of the store" blah blah.. this lady decided to make a big scene there. The guy just ignored her but she kept yelling at him while in line for the bank. Kept telling everyone in line how walmart was bad & how it will bring low lifers. I, along with other people in line just shook our heads & one person said I want a walmart. So I don't think its them that are harrassing people, its the people that don't want it harrassing them. I haven't had ANY problems with them at Target or the Ralphs shopping center. BTW I want a Walmart too, maybe Target & Walmart will have a price war.

  14. Does it occur to anyone the strife just the mention of Wal Mart brings? There must be something to it, don't you think? Where there's smoke, there's fire. There have been movies made about how poorly Wal Mart treats their employees, the management are required to report any employee who mentions Union, Wal Mart has investigators follow employees who want a Union, and document other workers they speak to, and now the huge, multibillion dollar lawsuit filed by female Wal Mart employees for discrimination. Think about it folks; Wal Mart breeds ill-will, poverty, and negativity in our society. They feed on our need for cheap things, they make money on our lack of it, they manipulate their workers out of fear and they are the greediest retailer in the U.S.
    By all means, let's pave the way to bring that into Menifee.

  15. Glad to hear the petitioners are in front of Target. I do not shop target, but will go there to sign the petition. The prices are too high and the customer service is horrible. I have never had a problem at Walmart. If I can't find an item, an employee takes me right to what I am looking for, as a Target employee won't give you the time of day. I worked for Walmart 5 years ago. It was the best job I've had in 47 years of working. I will welcome a Walmart with open arms.