Menifee Wal-Mart To Seek Petition

The Press Enterprise reports that Wal-Mart will seek voter approval via ballot initiative instead of seeking city council approval... City ...

The Press Enterprise reports that Wal-Mart will seek voter approval via ballot initiative instead of seeking city council approval...

City Attorney Karen Feld also said if the initiative passed, Wal-Mart would not have to comply with the environmental standards set forth in the act, which was passed in 1970 and requires government agencies to measure and reduce the environmental effects of new developments before they are built (link)

At issue is an environmental lawsuit that opposes Wal-Mart to build a new store. It's the same lawsuit that opposes Wal-Mart, each and every time they plan to build a new store, anywhere.

The caveat is that doing a ballot initiative will cost the City of Menifee $40,000.

Whether you support or oppose a new Wal-Mart, the point is that these legal challenges against Wal-Mart always somehow screws the taxpayers.

But it's not limited to Wal-Mart. It happens to everything.

Everyone in Menifee likes Countryside Marketplace right? Well there was also an environmental lawsuit tried to stop that from going in also (link)

If environmental lawsuits were more important than anything else, would Menifee even exist? Would Sun City even exist?


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  1. I can understand the need for environmental sensitivity in certain areas, yet this is a well needed project which would generate jobs in the community and covenient shopping for the citizens in the area. I see more pro's to the construction of the store than con's and look forward to seeing it on the ballot.

  2. Maybe you should get real and spend some time at the I-215 / Scott Rd.interchange it is already a traffic nightmare.The challange is that Walmart not be able to open until the interchange project is complete.You do not have to be a traffic engineer to understand why that is necessary.If Walmart prevails ,then the have no requirement whatsoever to do anything to mitigate traffic.Walmart has owned the property for 4 years.Clearly they can wait until the necessary traffic mitigation measures are in place.Are you implying Walmart is above the law...Perhaps you should check out the last time they tried this stunt in Inglewood..They had there butts kicked.They have to comply with the project conditions just as every other projec in California does.......!!!!!!!

  3. It's an environmental study not a traffic study. The interchange is going to be built but it is going to take time because of funding shortages. Meanwhile, I want the WalMart!! I don't want to go to Murrieta or Hemet, I want to drive a few minutes from my home and be at WalMart. I can't wait for the WalMart.

  4. Within 10 miles of Sun City, less than 10 minutes driving time. there are already 3 too many WalMarts. Think of the traffic hazards that they cause. The low pay, and temporary worker positions offered. They are not good to the community, like Target is, I understand that Target donates money back to the surrounding communities. We have a huge Target locally, and do not need another mega cheap WalMart.