Countryside Marketplace Delayed

The Californian reported last Friday that the Countryside Marketplace, planned for the corner of Newport Rd and Haun Rd, is delayed yet agai...

The Californian reported last Friday that the Countryside Marketplace, planned for the corner of Newport Rd and Haun Rd, is delayed yet again by a lawsuit...
The three suits allege violations of the California Environmental Quality Act. In the latest, an entity called Menifee Citizens for Smart Growth alleges that county officials failed to give adequate notice of public hearings Dec. 19 and Jan. 23. The suit, filed Feb. 26, also alleges unspecified "findings not supported by substantial evidence."
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The article goes on to provide evidence that this group called, "Menifee Citizens for Smart Growth" doesn't actually involve real Menifee residents.

Countryside Marketplace is supposed to include a new Super Target. The article goes on to show that the same attorney representing this group has filed lawsuits in other cities where Super Targets and Super Wal*Marts have been planned.

It sounds like this group has no interest in Menifee, and is only concerned about their own ideology. We who live in the Menifee Valley have our own issues with inadequate public services due to our community not being an incorporated city. We need this Countryside Marketplace to become reality so that we'll have the necessary tax base to provide services to ourselves.


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  1. This delay is rather frustrating and if business construction continues to be an issue, it will begin to give this so called "boom town" a negative name. What happened to all other businesses that were supposed to go up. It's almost a joke seeing the signs that populate Newport advertising coming soon signs...I've been here for almost two years and have not seen much of a change besides the IHOP shopping center.

  2. I'd like to know what is going on with the construction on the corner of Geary and Murrieta. Construction on both sides has come to a halt.

  3. I have lived in menifee since 2003, and I"m tired of hearing about all these projects come and go. If Menifee is ever going to become a city WE ALL need to pull together and get these big projects built and show we can become a city.

  4. I was told that the construction off of Craig and Murrieta has come to a halt due to developer pulling funding for approx. 6-9 months. My mechanic house touches the peramiters of this project and he was told by a foreman.

  5. I was told that the KB homes project has been ceased and they are trying to sell their lots and the Capital Pacific homes across the street are still going up. I went onto the Capital Pacific web site and it looks as if they are still selling homes, though I haven't called to confirm.

  6. I have gone to the Donahue Schriber website and saw that the new shopping center for Menifee has been taken off their list. I don't really understand the lawsuit. I have read the article and it says their upset because they did not get adequeate notice. What the hell does that mean. I live in menifee and remember notices of public hearings going out. I recieved mine. Menifee could really use this shopping center and from what I have read in the past, the residents of Menifee had no objections. What are they trying to accomplish out of the lawsuit?

  7. I have been waiting for these centers to open, or even begin construction, since I moved here. I am getting very disappointed and am sometimes sorry that I moved here. Many things were promised to new home buyers by builders that we are still waiting for. I hope that things start rolling, or I will be moving somewhere else.

  8. More than likely it's all about politics & self interests.

    The attorney is an environmental lawer. I called him about a month ago (web searched his name) and he would not disclose his clients identities (Interesting, isn't it!). All he said was that he filed the suit on behalf of his clients. He would not confirm wether his clients lived in Menifee or not (My quess is that they DON'T). The trial would begin in about six months.

    In time the businesses will come. You will not regret living here. This will be a location, location, location, area eventually.

  9. My parents moved here approx. 1yr ago. I was hopeful that the shopping and services in this community would improve...I havent seen much...the community needs it!!!!



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